New review: It 27.09.2017

The television version of the legendary Thriller by Stephen king “It” came out in 1990 and gathered at the screens of tens of millions of viewers from across America. The producers wanted to move the events that occurred in the town of Derry, and king agreed. But only considering that he himself will correct the script, because without it his favorite work would be anything. We have to admit that this author’s passion for his works is commendable, because many writers openly disregard their own heritage.

Adaptation of “It” is divided into two ninety-minute parts. In the first we are introduced to young members of the Club of losers, who gradually come together and become friends. Besides being laugh at them peers guys share a common passion and courage to challenge Pennywise horrible, nightmarish resident of the local sewage system. Killing children and adults, a clown even thinks to stop, but he will give a fitting rebuff.

The second part of “It” takes place 27 years after the last meeting of the club of losers in full force. The boys have grown, but they have to fulfill an old oath. Pennywise so easy to win, because he is the center of universal evil. He came back and it requires sacrifice.

Of course, the film adaptation of 1990 now looks ridiculous and totally unable to scare, but she did not take a nostalgic charm. This is an interesting and mental film. I also liked the casting. Young and adult characters are similar to each other and no unnecessary questions arise

The result: a worthy adaptation of the cult novel. Stephen king should be happy. But if you haven’t seen “It” previously, then do not put it too strict evaluation. Each film is allotted his time.

7 out of 10

New review: It 27.09.2017

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