New review: It 27.09.2017

After a disastrous “Dark tower” from the burden of expectations that I had placed on “It”, sometimes it became really scary.

But what can you do the second terrible film adaptation of the king for such a short period of time I would not have survived.

But Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! The film Andres, Moschetti was a magic balm for the wounds and one of the best for today a screen version of Stephen king, which — now that’s a fact! — is able to remove not only Frank Darabont.

Roman King of horror in a thousand pages demanded a sensitive, careful and informed approach, and , Moschetti came to the film adaptation of “It”, being guided by these principles. The decision to divide the film into two parts, a “child” and “adult”, immediately identified the respect of the Director and his desire to move out the screen. The second part to wait almost two years, but if Moschetti will make the continuation in the tradition of the first film, and the reason to doubt it tonight, I think, the second “It” will please the audience, no less. Of course, much will depend on casting, but after the brilliant in this respect, the first part I see no reason for pessimism here. In any case, this is a topic for future discussions.

This is wonderful to have throughout the first film, with the first frame kingovskoy creating a unique atmosphere and immersing the viewer in it. It sets the tone for all further narration. Camera operator John Jung-Hoon manages and panoramas to show in all its glory, and attention to important details like the red balloon, a paper boat or road sign on the pole to draw, and characters to reveal by choosing good camera angles and close-UPS. For details special thanks to the artists. In his books, especially as large as “It”, king is very meticulous and scrupulous in such detail, often carrying great meaning, so their presence in the film adaptations immediately enhances the feeling of presence in a movie based on the work of the King of horror. In this, as with everything else, Moschetti order.

Another puzzle piece in the epic motion picture of the music of Benjamin Wallfish. She’s… No she just needs to hear! Such a perfect getting in the mood not even every episode, and microlepidota, just perfect and at times amplifies the emotion. Particularly successful theme in the prologue of the film under the conditional name “Georgie and ship”, as well as arrangement in one of the final scenes with all the “losers ‘ Club”. Although here, you can safely add another dozen good themes. Looking at the filmography of the composer, surprised to remember that this is already the sixth film with music Wallfishwe have ever seen, and in a relatively short time. It is different in genre and contents of the tape: Oscar nominee “Hidden figures”, a historical drama about the famine , “the Harvest of the devil”; is in the collection of Benjamin and thrillers with horror films: “Cure health”, “there goes the light…”, “Annabelle: the Birth of evil“. But I haven’t heard of samopovtorov, every soundtrack is unique and original. And the approach is already a sequel to “blade Runner”, the music for which also wrote Wallfish. I’m sure he will not disappoint and there.

And now the actors. Best of all my feelings off their game would pass just a list of their names with an enthusiastic exclamation points, but they deserved at least and a few good words in his address.

Tim Curry, playing Pennywise 27 years ago, became a legend. The chances of the bill Skarsgard, who played the sinister clown in the picture , Moschetti, is also very high. But in any case, this will be for bill iconic. He is amazingly organic and terrible at every appearance in the frame. Of course, many have tried makeup artists whose work may qualify for the Oscar nomination, but also Beatl, without a doubt, was my best and also deserves recognition. Derry received his gift very charismatic monster that will not get lost in their rich kingovskoy collection.

The second trump card of the picture were children. They are gorgeous, and I again regretted that among the categories of the American Academy there awards for the best casting. A good decision of the Director in choosing actors just have to be rewarded in a category! None of them, including episodic , Moschetti not missed, each found the approach, and in the end they all proved to be excellent individually and as a team. And understanding and “chemistry” between them might envy and adult actors. Thought the script is allowed to open and pay attention to everything, deprived no one is left. Of course, everyone has read the book formed my view of these characters. About myself I can say that my versions are essentially the same as a Director. Somewhat different I pictured, except that Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton), but not the fact that I was not mistaken. By the way, his companion Victor criss (Logan Thompson) in a few moments slightly reminded of Draco Malfoy in the performance of Tom Felton, the blond not, and in principle, the actors are not similar.

“The losers ‘club” are wonderful, who did not take. Sensitive and strong-willed at the same time bill Denbrough (Jaden, Liberar), vulnerable, but also with the character of Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis, better than anyone here could imagine!), worn out with asthma and the dense motherly tutelage of Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Grazer), not too successful “a pragmatist in doubt,” Stanley URIs (Wyatt Oleff) awkwardly simple fatty-reader Ben Hanscom (Jeremy ray Taylor), discreet and laconic Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs) is all done! Deserves a separate discussion since childhood hejmadi chatterbox Richie Tozier. Playing his Finn Wolfhard for the second time looks good in the company of their peers after the”strange cases”where he is, I hope, will pleasantly surprise you. Complements the picture touching defenseless George Denbrough performed by young Jackson Robert Scott.

As for adults, they remain in the shadows, which if you remember the story, it is absolutely logical and justified. Most clearly manages to prove himself mother Eddie performed by Molly Atkinson. But fathers Henry (Stuart Hughes) and Beverly (Steven Bogert leave some questions. The first looks incredibly positive, and the second is some kind of limp rag, while in my view, Mr. Marsh more brutal and sophisticated in its downcast, and therefore even more terrible cruelty. Although again, maybe it’s a matter of taste and their own ideas about heroes.

But what in the place of the creators I most certainly would not do is to transfer the action from the ’50s to the’ 80s, because not all of what was typical 30 years ago, has remained the same and the passage of time. The choice of era king never random — time he plays his role.

Verdict: a good adaptation of the king. Waiting for the continuation.

9 out of 10

New review: It 27.09.2017

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