New review: It 27.09.2017

I’m here films evaluated as an independent unit, and not as the adaptation of the books, because on the basis of the last written scenario. To fit every scene of thousands of pages is simply impossible, it is time to think clearly and understand it.

This film — set of the game-pugalok from YouTube related to everyday scenes of children who styled himself not only as a Club of losers. The latter seem to be like the guys from the movie “Stand by me” filmed by the same king in the bearded year. And here if to dilute the previously mentioned tape short films horror, you get a movie called “It”. All in all it looks good, though somewhat ragged. The film offers the viewer, but makes it impossible to feel the whole situation. And in the course of action becomes more dynamic, not increasing tension. On the contrary — the film with every scene all the inert and inert.

“It” is rather a film about growing up and about the relationship between teenagers, because the picture immerses in the atmosphere of the company, and not in the sights of the city, shrouded in darkness, evil and disappearance of children. It is in any case not horror, as stated initially, this adventure film. Yes, impressive and exciting, but not scary. All the horror scene is expected, it is easy predugadat and only occasionally up to a slightly sluggish drama. Boring the movie? No, never. Everything here is good for one time viewing. Especially, of course, the title character. The rest of the film is not outstanding, good, nothing off-putting. But viewing still recommend it — the impressions were positive.

New review: It 27.09.2017

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