New review: It 28.09.2017

Never wrote reviews, because they always believed that the taste and the color, well, you know.

But he could not resist. Burst. Because spinner mass-hysteria, using the name of one of my favorite works of king have actually got.

It reminds me of the tale about the naked king, “the Black square” Malevich and similar stories from the series: “You see a gopher?” — No. And I don’t see, but he is!”

My acquaintance with the king began a long time ago, in the late ‘ 80s. Since then, a lot of king’s I read, not all love, there’s something completely alien to me (e.g. “the Library policeman”, “Regulators” and many more), but “It” like at first reading, then there was a film in 1990. He liked me too and that’s atmosphere. For me king is not just King of horror and master of psychological portrait of the characters, he always meticulously registers every significant character of their works, looking into the most hidden corners of his soul.

Also happened with “It”.

Over time, of course, forgotten the details of many works.

But boom. First came “the Dark tower”, it is, to be honest, I wasn’t even looking and not going.

But here’s the premiere of “It” was waiting. Because the 1990 film was the questions — the TV format did not allow the story to reveal “It” in full, and so I wanted to see the embodiment is read on the screen (after watching “It” — 2017 questions to the old film anymore).

And here are the first trailers. And rushed hysteria. It began long before the premiere.

My kids just talked about it.

Prime Minister. Yay! Children asked to see. First saw an old movie in one breath.

Then I decided to watch. After the first few scenes son walked out of our session — I could not look my daughter and I sativali frankly. Was bored. But we looked after all the praise, so many positive reviews.

The main drawback of the film: the story in the book takes place in 1957-58 and later in 1984-85.

The authors of the new film carry the story forward 30 years, forgetting that it is not enough to claim it to put music 80’s and more modern to wear, Oh, Yes, put still vulgar jokes — apparently it solves everything.

Appeared false, false in everything. Especially in line with Mike. He actually turned out to be far-fetched to the Club of losers. All the characters have a flat, unreal, unreal.

From the film, I think, few people understand why these 7 children from the entire town was selected. They were the most flawed? — no, the most intelligent? — no, the bravest? — no. Why?

Friendship. When and why are such different children became friends again, the question is open…

For each character there are lots of questions. What is its uniqueness? Why is it seven?

Apparently, according to the writers, “murder” the part of the parent characters stroke of the pen had to justify their participation suddenly orphaned children in further developments.

Clown. There is, in my opinion, a brilliant clown — Robert “Bob” gray, aka the Dancing Clown Pennywise (Tim Curry). It is clear that the repetition nobody wanted, Tim is too old, and, judging by the info on this site, refused to participate in the film — with health problems.

I have nothing against bill Skarsgard. Grim, of course, for my taste very strange for a clown who needs to lure children, not to scare Me… he even recalled a hybrid of the Burton red Queen and Colonoscope Joker. But not in makeup essence. Honestly, after the promotion of the film and bill, in particular, was waiting for his acting, but not meant it was clear to see and appreciate. Only at the end of the film, the scenes building on Neibolt street, 29 something flashed. After the dance, I remembered something johnny Depp with a jig-kicking.

In short, a lot of clichés, a lot.

The people in the room missed. Went the entire session here and there. At the end of the film, not waiting for was the final, sitting in front of the company zasobiralas home…

In General, I didn’t like the movie, didn’t like the flow, there are moments plucked from the text, but it was nadergat points, link them together, which is also called the PLOT, and failed.

The verdict: much ADO about nothing.

Music, makeup, special effects, camera work, there should be — because if there is no main plot, then why is everything else, especially since the film is positioned as a film adaptation.

I will say one thing, there were many “adaptations” of the king, nothing to do with his works (except the name) does not have (the Running man, the Lawnmower man, for example), or a little king (Hearts in Atlantis), but got so excited I first. The reason, perhaps, unfulfilled hopes and excessive PR of the film. Some movie-spinner, however.

I have all the.

Throw your sneakers, ladies and gentlemen. They are all fly…

PS. There is at least one plus — the revival of interest in the old works of the king, I here for example read “It”), because after the new movie I thought that I have multiple sclerosis, read — me’s all right. Oh, Stephen king, Ah Yes the cunning.

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New review: It 28.09.2017

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