New review: It 30.09.2017

Just say, I’m not familiar with the original or the first film adaptation of 1990, therefore, evaluated the movie as an independent work, without comparing it with anything. And, perhaps, because of this I got a perfect, uncomplicated experience while browsing and I am happy.

It is important that I went to a session with already weak expectations, knowing that I will be a very quality product. And even with this I still can’t wrap my head around, which is still cool masterpiece created by Andrew Moschetti with young actors and a team of other definitely the most talented creators. Brilliant, outstanding work with a huge heart! Impressed with everything, from shared, filigree transferred to the atmosphere of the late ‘ 80s, and ending with a non-trivial camera work and a very nice visual flow in General.

Very pleased with the outstanding performance of teenagers. Always wildly admired that at such a young age people has unattainable on the level of acting ability for many, even adult actors. Thanks to their genuine fear on the faces believe in the events on the screen as though it is happening personally with you. I especially want to highlight the young, to this little-known actress Sophia Lillis, who played Beverly. She instantly charmed me with his incredible miraculous appearance, and in its space talent is impossible not to fall in love. How she masterfully plays look! From just scenes with harassment of a pedophile father shudder, so most likely she managed to translate their experiences to the viewer. Of course, she’s a real red diamond among precious placer of stones, which is this film. I am sure that now it will fall tons of different kinds of sentences, and now you can be sure of a brilliant career in the future. Personally, I will closely follow all her works.

A separate discussion deserves the work on the special effects. I was very surprised with some mad creativity and imagination, the artists approached their work. Looks very impressive and cool, and if we consider that we live in an age of oversaturation of computer graphics, and the movie had a very small budget, I want to applaud standing! Seriously, I have such a crazy metamorphosis the demonic creature had never observed. My perception of reality was turned inside out, and gorgeous sound it has reinforced this effect. And I just shuddered involuntarily screamed, there was even a moment of this horror, and by the end my hands are naturally sweaty from the tested voltage for the entire movie.

Also this picture gives the impression of a very balanced work, if to speak about the level of cruelty. In my opinion, a very correct decision was to withdraw from Cary Fukunaga (which I love) due to the fact that he, according to the rumors, offered to stick to the script completely honest tin. The authors managed to find a very fine line, and children’s blood here are exactly what you need.

The only downside, perhaps, is the small fact of the narrative in some places. For example, the character Stanley is generally not disclosed, he’s just stupid is all. I certainly am aware of the complexity of the process of adaptation that are difficult to fit in 2 hours of duration such a huge novel, but damn, it’s one of the main characters! I was absolutely not clear, why on it a little was not to tell? But this is more of a quibble, because to blame the film language did not turn. Still very pleased stunning commercial success, has broken all imaginable records, not only among horror, but all films rated “R”! Russian voice, by the way, is also a pleasant surprise, the voices picked up carefully, wisely. Because of the fact, how touching the voice we had voiced boy Georgie in dialogue with Pennywise in the beginning, the most brutal scene was etched in my memory forever, leaving an indelible emotional trauma. Oh, and the icing on the cake for me here were my favorite suteki about Dicks from Teens, of which there are many and they superhorny! They, by the way, made the characters more alive, which added to the veracity of what is happening.

To summarize, I would like to say that Andres Muscati out an excellent picture, giving a tremendous aesthetic pleasure and unforgettable emotions. But with proper, careful viewing, you can achieve incredible effect of immersion and experience this world brutally mutilated childhood, frightened to times feel somewhat. So, if you haven’t went to the movies, immediately RUN to buy a ticket, while possible, preferably for the morning session, so there were fewer people in the audience. Because, alas, not all of us respect the culture of viewing in the movie and other viewers. I would have introduced a system of punishments and forbid such people to appear in the movie, because they still do not understand what art luxury show them, and therefore don’t deserve it. Personally, I had those characters to go a second time to provide their portion of pleasure, fortunately, this film from the category of those that want to revise to the holes. “It” is a real historic event, a rare phenomenon and a Grand rebirth of the whole genre of horror that set a new benchmark of quality and made differently now to perceive such films, namely, seriously and with respect. Even Stephen king called it the most perfect film adaptation of his novel, can be praise better than this? I will not much to think about some very deep philosophical sense, because clearly, everyone will make for himself something of their own, but in my opinion, we wanted to tell a simple story about true friendship, which in our ordinary life is almost no space left. And indeed, the authors were able to play a real Symphony on the subtle Beck and call of my soul that I already had almost burst into tears. And not from the heartbreaking scene, but from admiration and understanding how sophisticated, talented and beautiful thing I watched it all the time.

By far

10 out of 10

New review: It 30.09.2017

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