New review: It 30.09.2017

The king novel “It” is one of my favorite books, I read her “gulp”, a night and a day, without breaks for sleep and school, who has survived completely in Derry and travelling with his young residents for the worlds and universes of their fears. My fears. Then I repeatedly went back to the book, revealing new facets kingovskoy talent, and was mortally disappointed with the film adaptation of the 1990 years, wrote at the time on her angry review, although, hand on heart, it was not a bad film..

The new film adaptation of I waited with impatience, hoping that will take someone from the masters carpenter, Craven, del Toro. Then appeared on the horizon of horror, a new talent — James WAN, and I was hoping for it, but in the end the film is set Andres, Mosketti, Director nastlannogo horror film “Mama”, too small, however, compared with the scale kingovskoy netlenki. The film has caused a wide resonance, has collected a fantastic amount of money, someone excitedly praised him, and someone told to go to this “stuff”. It was a good sign.

To remove a masterpiece in this book — in my opinion, is simply impossible. How impossible is the perfect film adaptation of “the Master and Margarita” — prevents a huge volume and variety of meanings, powerful background, symbolism, mnogomernoi, multitasking and branching (and also complexity) of storylines, cruelty and violence involving children, the hidden and the apparent eroticism of many of the episodes, a clear Freudian overtones… Well, in the end, everyone shoots their movie, reading a book.

Not everything was perfect, and could not be, but Mosketti did a tremendous job, for which my gratitude to him. In “my movie” he got 70 percent, and where there is not enough skill, took enthusiasm, sincerity, passionate love for cingovski characters and their world, their own fears. And the end result is honest, beautiful, good movie.

Yes, Mosketti omit important. First of all, to lose the sense of ultimate invention of Lovecraft’s cosmic horror is perhaps most strongly manifested in the king here. In the book evil was not a clown, which is emphasized in the film. Evil was old as the universe itself, eternal and infinite, invincible and inexhaustible. Everyone could only win your personal plot evil and had nothing to do with it at all. To drive, to score a tangible monster, materializing in his nightmares, swallow your horror and move on, shuddering and waiting for the return. Evil was the city, each resident is, evil was a world in which neither God nor prayer, nor daylight could not save. Therefore, the novel, king gives you a feeling of deep, chilling ancient archias, who was living in the us from the ancestors, makes coming up with myths and tales, to somehow get rid of it. It leaves a sticky feeling hopelessness and cold suspense, fear for the future and lack of confidence in the safety of the world.

This in the film. But whether it lends itself to adaptation in General? Mosketti, all fleshed out and Packed. The film became about something else. About how we must learn to live with their fears and met them face to face, give them back. About growing up — after all, the adult differs from the child that is internally continuing to believe in the bogeyman under bed, goes and lays down on the bed, and not closed the blanket over his head at the slightest sound, finding a logical explanation to his horror, learns to live with it and not succumb to it. That all the fears and complexes come from childhood. Our parents, gradually we instill complexes. About fighting inner demons, and their external manifestations, is about compromise with your personal Pennywise.

This is enough happened a good movie. However, I don’t know how to watch this movie without reading the book. He shot a desperate cingulum — excitedly, with the eternal “and then! and he was like! and he…” and so it was quite fragmented — I’d like the Director to tell the audience exactly what is most like himself. And, therefore, is very sincere, exciting and atmospheric. Yeah, it’s probably not as terrible as it could be, but scary-impressive, humane, and even touching.

Is one ensemble cast. Each of the young actors in his place, and I have not seen so true a child’s play, these living emotions and feelings. Believe that each child is special, and each of them want to be friends. For any such film an important engagement, atone for many shortcomings. So — my film I was hooked, and I was there with them, in a nasty Londonderry, in their — or his own, and I was one of them. I understood and believed every word they say. Maybe because I also live in the fear, maybe because partly I took once a similar path, or the Director had just trusted me.

Yes, growing up. happened very differently, and for obvious reasons, to include that in the film would be unwise. But by the time you realize how much kingovskoy lost film, you’re already living a world of Moschetti. It turns out that this is a film for adult children, for those who still feels awe, going down into the basement and rises up from it much faster than down.

Yes, the antagonist here is rather weak. And I’m not talking about the beautiful game Skarsgard — he’s doing all he can, in rare elusive unity manifesting their internal and external data, actor ambitions and the ability to accurate recreate the infernal nature. Just the plot of the film was ground Pennywise made him almost specific a maniac, who might scare, but the real strength of which — here’s the problem — well, don’t. Fortunately, skarsgård does not fall into the extreme, no more grimacing than it should be image, and yet the film lacks the necessary generalizations and the most important task, perhaps, however, leaving it for the future. In the meantime, the authors of digging deep.

But the film turned out. I fell in love with these children and felt with them the same relationship that came to me while reading a novel. Some of the shots sneaks up chills — not a screamer, and expressiveness of the frame, color scheme, acting with the truth or some very childish references to classic horror films.

Rob Reiner and John Hughes met Frank Darabont and James WAN on this movie, made responsibly and with great love, losing somewhere the king, perhaps, but without losing the vital truth, pouzitelnosti, humor, atmosphere and socio-dramatic composes. Perhaps it is rather a tragicomedy about friendship, unity and struggle with the evil clown, carefully wzrostem surrounding each of us, than a horror movie, but still the best king adaptation since “1408” and “Haze”. And, most importantly, not terribly eager to know what will happen next. Or rather, as.

8 out of 10

New review: It 30.09.2017

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