New review: It comes in the night 13.09.2017

The second author’s work by the young Director Trey Edward Shultz showed good commercial results having collected almost four times more micro-budget and just blew up the heads of critics and audiences in the best sense of the word.

The story takes place in the USA, in the heart of the Midwest outbreak is unknown plague. The main character played by Joel Edgerton — a former teacher, fled with his wife and son in a small house in the woods. All busy family’s day — to-day survival. And everything goes on as usual, yet on their doorstep, don’t be strangers.

This Thriller raises primarily questions of humanity in extreme situations, that is not new to film or television. The last most striking example can be called the hit AMC channel “the Walking dead” revealing the possibility of desperate people to commit the most extreme and terrible things for their own survival and their families. Who are we in the face of danger? A situation in which characters have to make difficult decisions, it becomes quite Central in this chamber the film. Don’t wait for horror nights, mutants, undead and other cliché horror direction. Here the characters face their inner demons. And by missing the dynamics, this work truly captures. Suspense on a sturdy 100% makes anxiously wait for something awful. Whom to fear more: infected outside the perimeter, strangers living with you or you yourself can be really dangerous for everyone around. At any moment anything can happen. The characters are spelled out and perfectly executed custom. Most ordinary people: men of common occupations, women and children. The same as any of us. What is the moral in the circumstances — depends on prioritization by the characters and the film masterfully projects the idea.

+: The suspense, the acting, the plot.

-: The intimacy and lack of dynamics can be written in the negative, if not for the timing of the picture in an hour and a half. So it’s not a minus but a warning to fans of popcorn, which is perhaps a little boring.

7 out of 10

New review: It comes in the night 13.09.2017

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