New review: Italian in Warsaw 29.07.2016

Very subtle, clever and, I think, underrated movie, in which was found the achievements of Polish and Italian filmmakers. Actor Zbigniew Cybulski very clearly showed their comic talent. And for an Italian, Antonio Cifariello the film was the last in my life.

The Italian soldier Giuseppe Santuchchi goes on vacation from the Eastern front. In Poland a military train gets bombed. Giuseppe (Cigarello) get to Warsaw on a regular passenger train, where, as it turns out, two important events: he meets a beautiful Polish girl Marysia (Czyzewska), and steal his machine, and for the loss of weapons the soldier is home waiting for the Tribunal. In search of the missing weapons, the Italian gets to the safe house where he and Maria live it far from the ideas of the underground painter-primitivist brother Staszek (Cybulski). Then follows a series of farcical adventures.

Unlike some other Nations, Italians have not left a black memory in the occupied territories. It was obvious that the Italian people by the Nazis waged war alien and repulsive. This idea is clearly seen in the best Italian war films, it sounds like the main theme in the work of Stanislav Lenartovich. Giuseppe needs a machine, not to fall under the field trial. He dreams of the distant Bay of Naples, he misses my mom and spaghetti. Mariska considers him an enemy, but her heart tells the opposite. The staszica every one, if he does not prevent him to create and travelway in a dangerous adventure.

A special relish the moments when Giuseppe tries to speak Italian, but so that it was understood by the poles and the Germans. The climax is a scene in which dressed in Italian military uniforms drunk Staszek in conversation with a German patrol moves into English.

Unfortunately, the role of Giuseppe, was the last work in the movie, the talented actor Antonio Cifariello. Antonio Cifariello is an Italian film actor. He managed to play in the films of Federico Fellini, Vittorio De sica, Dino Risi, Luigi Comencini and Mario Camerino. Enjoyed success abroad. In December 1968, Antonio Cifariello died in a plane crash in Zambia. He was 38 years old.

9 out of 10

New review: Italian in Warsaw 29.07.2016

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