New review: Jack Reacher 28.09.2017

Frankly, I don’t really like Tom cruise. Probably, therefore, not in a hurry to watch him news, or any other tape with his participation. For example, I still have not watched any of the “Mission impossible”, even though I know that with this franchise should see. However, it seems to me that there I will see about the same cruise, as in this tape.

I must say that the film really exceeded my expectations. I thought I’ll see a pretty passing action movie with a standard story line and a super-hero, who “do not take a bullet and fire it doesn’t burn”.

The latter, of course, was the place to be cruise’s character, the protagonist of this film, surprisingly avoids any damage and gets the feeling that he’s made of iron. But this image of the invincible soldier, single-handedly coping with hundreds of enemies, and always winning probably is an integral part of this genre would be boring.

As for the plot, it surprised me. The film is really addictive. More and more mysteries and solve them together with the main character very interesting. The film keeps in suspense, does not distracted by any external factors and it is very cool.

Depending on how Cruz looks in this tape, I’m surprised that he at the time of filming was already fifty. Looks great and as far as I know, the tricks are almost always performs himself, which undoubtedly commands respect.

In the end, I want to say that this is a very good detective with lots of action, which can not but rejoice.

New review: Jack Reacher 28.09.2017

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