New review: Jaws 05.10.2017

It would hardly be an exaggeration to call this the first successful film in the career of Steven Spielberg. “Jaws” earned in a huge amount, exceeding the threshold of $ 100 million and are considered the first blockbuster, as well as the founder of category sekororo.

However “Jaws” is a unique and inimitable tagoror. Despite the ominous name, the film is not overly scary or bloody moments (in the opinion of the audience of the third Millennium, of course), but more importantly — there is no element of thrash. The script Peter Benchley, and Karl Gottlieb includes the development of history, colorful characters time to unfold, and only on the background of attacks of the shark. The emphasis in the film is precisely the confusion caused by the incident on the beach, and not to attack. Sheriff Brody, marine biologist Hooper and sea dog Quint make the trio of main characters, not similar to each other, but United by a common goal to protect the beach from Amity island great white shark. And their hunt ending so unexpectedly — the main highlight of the film, occupying the entire second half timing. The first, dedicated to the appearance of the shark and Brody’s disputes with the mayor is only a prelude that creates intrigue. Marine alpha predator for a long time behind the scenes, managing even in moments of the attack do not show the nose out of the water, but in the end it will definitely show itself in all its glory, and at the same time will stun an experienced fisherman Quint as his power.

It must be noted that in addition to the sharks “Jaws” beckon the constant presence of the sea in the frame. The turquoise waters combined with the magnificent music of John Williams evokes a strong desire of summer when you can dive into the cool water, no fear of hungry predators. Because the ocean is vast, and whatever monsters were hiding in the depths of it, water is the cradle of life. Perhaps it is this idea, in the last moments visiting the main characters in the main film. Despite all the dangers caused by skirmishes, quarrels and bad situations, the ocean is beautiful. All of this makes “Jaws” even some startling similarity with the novel “the old Man and the sea”.

The cast of the film is gorgeous. From Roy Scheider came out great Sheriff, dedicated, and always looking for a reasonable way out of any conflict. Richard Dreyfuss excellent played Hooper — novice oceanographer seeking to prove to everyone that it should be respected. Inimitable, sarcastic and gain a lot of experience great Quint played by Robert Shaw, the character like live on the screen. Tribute is also to give Lorraine Gary and Murray Hamilton. Even though they appear not so often, but their characters were able to reveal good.

The film is filled with simplicity, which is lacking in the blockbusters of the 2010s, and this is another reason why “Jaws” forever entered the history of cinema. Is it worth to think over what rating to give this masterpiece?

10 out of 10

New review: Jaws 05.10.2017

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