New review: Jeepers creepers 2 09.10.2017

It’s back!

What other clown from the sewers?

Don’t confuse me…

Jeepers Creepers 2

Nothing has changed since the original. The only time — in the first part was the two main characters (not counting the dandy in the hat and axe at the ready, where he got the salve this salve), and there is already a school bus.

I never liked horror movies in the huge number of characters. I think it’s a very difficult path for the Director, if you’re not going to chop them all in the cabbage. But creepers will never be Jason — he has other goals.

Creepers chooses. Really isn’t too much intrigue, because many of the characters and left a huge gray mass. Salva bungled movie for a year (did not know), it is necessary to understand.

Many scolded the sequel. Come on, look around. A normal movie for once. By the way, I watched it in the cinema. Was very cool, now the impression is not very bright, but some crazy negative I will not.

Salva is a good Director (to you there about it not saying) is ready to repeat a million times. It was sometimes boring, sometimes fun, sometimes terribly. Of the actors I know Longa (played in the first film) and that guy from “twin peaks”. Still don’t know his name, but the face is impossible to forget, good guy.

Plus — Salva in the end got some very cool sketches with the Creepers. It is clear that with such a companion it is useless to fight, but still, a little action won’t hurt (at least rural).

“Jeepers creepers 2” inferior to the original. No one expected that salve will turn the horror genre. Hat, cut off the head, wings — everything is in place. If you’re a fan of a friend, then do not miss.

After this film, the salve will remove the “Peaceful warrior.” Here’s and changed the genre.


I’ll see you in 23 years, you sissies. () Jeepers creepers

Actually I lied, the creepers didn’t say that, but I can’t help myself. I see…

6 out of 10

New review: Jeepers creepers 2 09.10.2017

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