New review: Journey time 25.06.2017

Documentary fantasy — is very creative. When someone picks kinoexpert is great. Terrence Malick is a specialist in “strange” movie. Pump your level arthoplasty Director, presents his vision of the universe, in the film “Journey of time”.

What you need to know about this film? First. It is very encompassing. Packaging 14 billion years in 90 minutes is not weak. Second. He’s impossibly handsome. The operator for this film the respect and long to be sick, because the footage is very “lubezki”. Just like in documentary films of bi-bi-si and national geographic. And there, where the camera operator could not reach, helped graphics. After all, the film is a documentary not only in the subgenre of “wildlife”, but also in the sub-genres of “space” and “biology”. And then the existence of the word “fantasy” next to the “documentary” is completely justified. After all kinds of space here is really fabulously beautiful.

Actually, if you analyze the film structurally, it turns out, something like “the journey of the camera through space and time, incomprehensible lyrics”. Kostya is kind of incomprehensible nonsense, which, as I understand it, it is suggested to find sacred meaning. Honestly, it turns a documentary into the lyric essay, and documentary, are more suitable direct meanings and large, but informative paragraphs. And so, it’s a sweet and useful berry, but the words behind the scenes — bone.

New review: Journey time 25.06.2017

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