New review: journey to the West: Demons 17.06.2017

Journey to the West continues, and although the actors here are completely different, the story does not suffer, but quite the contrary. Colorful characters, funny moments, it’s all good. Unlike the first film, where, in fact, the main characters were a student and a demon hunter, there is an emphasis made on the motley Quartet: monk by Xuanzang, the monkey King — sun Yuna, pig Zhu Bazza and Water demon Sha of Ursina.

It is the good characters in this film, their images, and behavior in the frame, perfectly placed, verified and played out. But still, the more pulls the blanket, the monkey King, there was given to him to turn around. The monk also all tediousness, afraid of his disciples, which by the way, and think about how to deal with the teacher. Black humor a lot and he place. Pleased with the way the pig is very funny happened, but also successful. Water demon more keeping quiet, but it is clear that he is very intelligent, perhaps the most cold-blooded of all four, as if this ambiguous sounds.

Amazing journey leads our heroes into all sorts of scrapes, but with child-like ease they get out of them, and all also follow his route. The theme of love is shown here a faint echo like an echo from the first film. The monk is not forget her, she comes to him in dreams, he sees her image around. She lives in his heart.

I was full of positive emotions after viewing, including through so-fairy-tale storytelling and black humor. Also worth noting is the great and unchangeable soundtrack. Schedule tightened and made more or less worthy to 2017. The costumes and sets designed in the smallest detail. The movie got rid of the excess first picture and left only the best.

It’s a rare feeling when you do not want the film ended, it was amazing, I want to continue.

9 out of 10

New review: journey to the West: Demons 17.06.2017

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