New review: Jupiter ascending 29.07.2017

Looking at the rating, number of negative reviews and expert reviews, the impression that the film is, to put it mildly, unsuccessful. It’s a long time stopped me when I wanted to see what the Wachowski did. Or did not happen.

So I took the plunge.

Every year a few “popkornovyh” big-budget films. These films are always made according to certain templates and are not some kind of originality. Their goal is just to entertain the viewer. Sometimes they can be good, i.e. well made, but can be disastrous, i.e. made in one place. The latter sometimes won’t even save gorgeous special effects. The same Resident evil, for example.

As you know Jupiter is the most that neither is a popcorn movie, but from the authors of the mythic Matrix. The film has everything that is needed for such a film: formulaic plot, beautiful special effects and famous actors, but what he is: a successful or a failure?

A: definitely the first!

The cause of mass hatred for the film are high expectations (from the authors of the Matrix were waiting for something sverhkrutogo and not “normal”) and that the spectator, to put it mildly, snickering. Although, it should be noted that more de***new movies have a higher rating. Even at one point, but higher. And it’s very strange. Maybe the point is that there is some maloemotsionalny girl becomes Queen? This stamp causes a gag reflex because of the fucking twilight?

Do not know how anyone, but personally to me the plot reminded somehow of an old kosmoopery in the spirit of Burroughs. No complicated turns, all corny, but cute.

By the way, when viewing the impression, though… Well, judge for yourself (warning there are spoilers, although I don’t think in this case it is critical). She had to pass the egg. The clinic is called the “harvest.” And there she gets in all this universe, which, too, is a kind of “harvest”. And what purpose of this “harvest”? The continuation of life. And what about the fact that astrology in the life of the main character was not the last place, and the ship was ruled by the elephant-like pilot named Nash (reference Indian Ganesha)? And the fact that it is in the lowest layer of the social. hierarchy and all that konspirologiya reptiles and grey aliens, and also reflections about “consumption” as the goal of life, as well as major capital and industry — all this has going for it is typically? And all this nonsense about bystrogasjashchajasja of the building, so no one would find out? And the ending?

I’m certainly not insinuating anything (well, implying), but I think we have here smacks of Alice in Wonderland. And the story itself, if you think about it something similar.

Overall the film is good. Nice and relaxed film zaslujivayut a rating of 6-7. That is typical for high-quality stories at once. In any case, the film is much better than any “snow white and the hunters” or “Transformers”. Still, it’s Wachowski.

Would put myself in the 7-8, but I put 10-ku. Just because the current rating inadequate.

New review: Jupiter ascending 29.07.2017

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