New review: Karl the Butcher vs Axe 23.06.2017

I’m not your father!
I am your mother!


(about 73 minutes into the film)

Karl the Butcher vs Axe

Seriously! So Snaas joking, and I just finish the franchise until the end (stupid habit — to watch all the parts). It was necessary to score after the first…

Finish for Snaasa! No, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll ever make a fifth or even the sixth, but the fourth set point. Verdict — he was not able to taxi on the level of the average scall. Time did not change anything. Mediocrity in its purest form.

Think about it, he released the fourth part in 2010. Let me remind you, the third one came out in 1999. No comment. In 2010, Robert Rodriguez released “Machete”. The movie, which many rejected. I have to keep quiet (in a rag) about the sequel. “Homeless with a shotgun” came out in 2011, that you understood.

Z is not talking about the ingenious trash-paintings, but the difference in all the parameters hurt the eyes. Snaas — did not know how. Jokes make lousy. Murder make lousy (very shocked). At some point, the main character drinks a potion and becomes huge. My God, it was all in the 80s. Look in Tromaville.

Crazy girl dash nymphomaniac? Russ Meyer and Jesus Franco says hi. Only Snaasa no boundaries. Pumping the male seed with a pump! Tin, Mayer and Franco could only dream of. By the way, the girl in the picture of Snaasa sucks stronger than the others.

The funny thing is that the third part I liked more. It’s all very sad, despite the two monsters (the monsters two friends fooling around). Karl appear brothers and sisters (India — nambavan (joke for those who in the subject)). Girls are always talking with the local Queen. Why, why is boring!

I’m really disappointed. I just said that this movie will be better than the first pictures of Snaasa. Well, better than the first and second, but the third (again) with Jackie Vats and hooks in the anal hole — still fun. The result — not to watch! Snaasa is not worth watching. It is empty.


Loud title — another deception of Snaasa. Nothing. The confrontation at the level of the five minutes jumped in the woods…

3.5 / 10

New review: Karl the Butcher vs Axe 23.06.2017

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