New review: Kill them all 08.06.2017

Twenty years all he did was disappoint, went down until he found himself at the bottom. Crushed by circumstances, has experienced several shocks, but persistent fighting, van Damme literally fought for the chance given to him the second “Expendables” and came out. Dashing time left on the furrowed wrinkles face an indelible mark, but the body of a Belgian strong and to turn up the heat even capable of. Storm pointed acting peaks in the past, now the idol of millions is content with second-rate paintings, but this is the case, when modesty is really beautiful. ZHKVD in the past didn’t need a dizzying scenario, and millions of special effects to raskraski cast muscles, and now — even more. A dozen bad guys, deprived of intelligence, but formidably armed, enough loud to remind myself. Time is the enemy — it needs to be destroyed, and to find a worthwhile reason to the Director-the debutant.

The picture with the characteristic mozgovyshibatelnaya-era action title disguised as a detective Thriller, but a typical “b” in the biography of Jean-Claude van Damme was more than enough. A straightforward Thriller with a hastily put together plot serves only one purpose — to show the doubters that the famous “pinwheel” is quite representative and now. Of course, postradavshiye, mauled, but still the same tough guy will have to twist your neck and perforate the stomachs of boredom, and in the name of revenge. A former colleague in the “Double whammy” Peter Maloti, grew to directing, he found his companion Balkan roots, blessed armor of motive and sent to restore order in the hospital. A squad of elite mercenaries led by the heir to the van Damme from “bloodsport” Daniel Bernhard went for a bleeding hero — not only to demonstrate the accuracy of Serbian and Slavic uncompromising. And crying for someone to starvation, predicting the fate of being shot.

It is believed that former melee beauties, zabryzgivaya screen thick blood, not to return, but the success of the Indonesian “the RAID” proved the opposite. It would be the diligence and skill of bonecrusher in stock. And with that, and the others in the picture are fine. Bullet spread plaster, body smashing the furniture. Do not have time to meet with the “Pro-file” another mercenary, as he splayed limbs and a bullet through his skull is coming out to rendezvous. Following the idiom “cheap and cheerful” and Packed cliché under the very top, the film makes sure not “John Wick” a single live genre. In the best tradition, dubolomnyh enemies will picture show in slomo, for some reason, announce their names, but the name of the movie I have napoliello. As if heeding the wishes of the audience, Maloti brings van Damme in the long-awaited duel with Bernhard, and even with his own son. Twitchy shooting and neurotic installation given the inexperience of the Director, but a marked enthusiasm for the process compensates for the flaws.

The main problem with the movie is not in production techniques — this is a Thriller of a breakthrough and no one was waiting. Maloti proved nostalgic enthusiast, but a schemer of his weak. Tape literally bursts from mutually exclusive twists and heaps of flashbacks. Comes to the fact, in the Central role is not van Damme, and interrogated by the FBI nurse with the appearance of a young Isabelle Adjani. Ridiculous dialogues cause laughter, despite the fact that the role of the security forces involved deserved Maria Conchita Alonso and Peter Stormare. More stupid occupation than building a logical chain, is a traditional American contortion of facts to shaping the image overseas of the enemy. What replaced the bloodthirsty “Soviets” came the wild Serbs, nothing changes. And let hot Balkan boys thrash the hospital at least for the Foundation, and the police will be relaxed to look from the outside. Strange that nuts popcorn in the frame never got, unlike smug faces.

Should give credit to the honesty of van Damme. As in the best years, he does not take on too much, preferring to delight in a great form and instill confidence in the fortress preserved possibilities. The dramatic talents of the Belgian was not really in demand, because of the suffering of the character to believe no more than the loss of its accuracy. Brutal action need not doubt, hints of romance and the other nozzle. Only a harsh uncompromising in cramped conditions and strong degree. Of course, the glorious army of the insurgents knew far more successful samples of vengeance on screen, but the final impression of the picture “Kill them all” defines it as good and not tasteless. Fans ZHKVD need to stay happy, the film is much better out of the grave “Universal soldier” and “Kickboxer”. But if Peter Maloti next time will get a more competent writer, then the probability of another nostalgic gift is very large.

New review: Kill them all 08.06.2017

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