New review: kill Theory 05.10.2017

The company from one of the College coming to a lonely house, with two objectives: to relax and have fun before the release and just enjoy each other’s company before parting. Our heroes are not just classmates, and close friends.

Here, they discover the half-sister of the son of the owner of the house, which, despite a cool relationship with a relative and a tendency to loneliness fits into their society.

The rest goes on as usual, that is, all drinking, talking nonsense and a little sentimentalnaya respectively, but the viewer is given to understand that in this society there are cracks that do not grow from time to time, and outside of our heroes in danger…

Is a traditional story with a set relying on the genre elements. Missing except a local resident, who needs to advise a cheerful youth, not to forget about caution.

The plot develops predictably.

Again the characters find themselves in an extreme situation, again gradually convinced of the hopelessness of their situation. Again, someone indulges hysterics, someone takes inhumane conditions in control the hostile forces, and who, nevertheless, argues that output without sacrifice is possible only it is necessary to find.

Despite the banality of what is happening, the film looks with interest, as to the end not clear, who will remain alive.

And, as usual, the film tells about the struggle between baseness and nobility. with the ultimate moral victory of the nobility on the one hand over the instinct of self-preservation, and on the other — over dictating the terms of a psychopath.

However, the ending reveals that the story is much more original than it seems at the beginning, middle and end.

This is a story about the final victory of evil, whose true purpose was disguised perfectly.

So moral victory for noble couples do not have the slightest importance, as most of caught in a jam of youth — no more than the necessary extras, which does not suspect about the unimportance of his game for the Director.

New review: kill Theory 05.10.2017

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