New review: Killers 28.09.2017

The trailer was funny movie, and a duet of these famous American actors in the face of Heigl and Kutcher encouraged. I wanted to watch something light and funny. Starting to watch this criminal Comedy, at first it seems funny, but then you realize that something in it is neither, and soon I feel that film and not at all interesting, and most importantly not funny and God awful simulated.

We see the story of one assassin who has a reputation in the world of terrorism. That all changed when he met a nice girl, fell in love with her and decided to leave his dark matter. After some time, he started a real hunt, and the hero and his beloved have to save their lives and guess who of your friends is hunting them, and most importantly who is behind it all…

If at the beginning looked like something decent, middle of the snake was incredibly empty and not funny, and the ending and all finished off his stupidity and hypocrisy. This Comedy despite its large advertising and well-known actors, a huge budget, in fact, is empty and unnecessary.

I did not like this movie. Moreover in the finals, it was even frustrating. Comedy isn’t funny, and hence the whole problem. Don’t believe what is happening, and what we showed was not inspired. The level of acting was at the kindergarten level, the directing is questionable, the only scenario was, but failed to show is powerful, funny and interesting. So much money spent on the film, and he in the end is not silly and empty. Resembles a headache and something I want to forget.

Ashton Kutcher really kills the viewer, because this is the worst the role of actor, what I’ve seen of his work. Hired killer he was not able to play, even it was funny and stupid. The character failed, it looked all fake and horribly dramatic. None of the scenes with the actor there was in this Comedy that the audience believed him — a complete failure.

Heigl in the beginning, like her and feel sympathy, but then she replays, in the final it feels good. In General, to Katherine Heigl, I always have a contradictory attitude. Sometimes I like the way she plays, and sometimes really, really not.

This Comedy film is nothing to wait for. It aims solely for commercial purpose, and any value or something funny has.

The killers“American, adventure, crime Comedy 2010. Movie awful doubtful and empty stuffs the viewer is not funny and kind of fake story with bad acting and weak directing.

I say it is “no”.

New review: Killers 28.09.2017

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