New review: kin-DZA-DZA! 27.09.2017

Of course, 1 place among the first. !!!

The film timeless and relevant today, not less, and even more.

For all who want to see a script that prepares this so-called human civilaization. The culture which is so actively cultivated in most of the media in the victory,(although not full), plastic world and agetocera thinking. Actually shown in the film consciousness, already more than half established in the most viewers on the planet.

Magnificent imagery and the integrity of the whole picture, the highest level of game actors, which in their honest simplicity and humor in art to transfer the image of the hero!

The true rating of the film 100 of 100.

The script was finally completed fate of the film, that is, by life itself, and thus was born healthy and happy, a difficult job producers of his in the movie, drawing of scenes and the simplicity(in force) sets, costumes, it’s just a masterpiece.

You can view many times, and to open numerous.

Heavy viewing, because in the style of the desert of abandonment and anguish that completely brightens the humor of the dialogues and scenes, and of course, a brilliant soundtrack, from a dreary desert and hilarious performances of songs about mom and life.

No complaints, all chotko, clear and Comedy!

New review: kin-DZA-DZA! 27.09.2017

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