New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 01.10.2017

Great! The second part of the gentleman’s Thriller about the men in the suits, not long to wait. Matthew Vaughn, who directed the first “Kick-ass” and “X-Men: First class” after the successful first part of the Kingsman released a sequel with the same main characters, all with the same abundance gagovic jokes, all with the same impression of action scenes and the perfect harmony of dynamics and just plot in General and individual scenes.

The Kingsman organization is susceptible to attack by unknown terrorist cells and Eggsy (Taron Edgerton) once again to save the world. Plus, along the way to establish personal life, cracked at the seams. And to help him in all of this is good old Merlin performed the same brutal Brand of strong.

Despite the fact that critics cautiously took a sequel, yet I note that the continuation of the “Secret service” was no less spectacular than the first part. As part of the plans of the villains there are some similarities, but in superhero action movies the bad guys always set myself the highest goal, trying to destroy as many people as possible! So what to expect from the new antagonists? The fact that they are candy to hand out on every corner? Oh, no! Only chaos, only terror! To the intersection with the “Secret service” can be attributed to some locations where things are going. Mountains, for example. But the moment it rather serves as further proof that the Kingsman is a really powerful organization, able to act at any point on the planet.

Matthew Vaughn stayed true to himself on the part of the brilliance of the film. The first part was just crazy on your drive, gripping story, juiciness of a picture, excellent humor, combined, and very harmonious, with a demonstration of gentlemanly manners. Golden ring — not worse.

Again, Taron Egerton as Eggsy mark strong in the way of Merlin, Colin Firth (Galahad) and Channing Tatum (Tequila), Jeff bridges (champagne), Halle berry (Cola), Julianne Moore (poppy), Elton John with a bunch of savory abusive phrases, Bruce Greenwood (President of USA), Emily Watson, gorgeous blonde Hannah al’strem, who played the Princess again Liidu — the one that Eggsy saved in the first film and bespodobnaya Sophie Cookson as Roxy (Kingsman recruit in the first movie) — the cast astonishes the big names, the brutality of the men (all but Elton, of course) and knockdown female caste.

Hell, Sophie Cookson just incredible in the way Roxy. Formal suit, eyes black-rimmed, blonde long hair, nice facial features — the actress in this, frankly, is very, very welcome.

If the first part Won postebalsya over U.S. President without showing his face, but hinting who sits in the oval office surrounded by close, the face of the head of state flashed in the frame quite often and the Director decided to go the person of the President as it should. The short-sightedness of actions and decisions shown by Bruce Greenwood certainly has a reference to Trump. Let the hero of the Greenwood, and not like the Donald, but for his actions it’s hard not to see the manners and habits that characterize the head of the United States.

Humor Out kept at the same level. Sometimes vulgar, sometimes aged as a beverage consumed by the characters, it will not leave anyone indifferent. “…As petushara, which blinked percolat…” or “Honey, will save the world, behind the scenes of the forest. Maybe even the back door…” — it is only a little part of what will cause the viewer’s reaction to a smile/laughter.

Staging scenes of firefights and melee fights is a proprietary mark of distinction Won, who scored them and in “Kick-ass” and “X-Men”, and in both parts of the Kingsman. In these scenes the camera is not standing still — it’s like she is attached to to the actors themselves to each element of scenery and moved as swiftly as the fluttering wings of a butterfly. Using all planes of space will work it Out in full, at without 3D to see everything from different angles, at different angles and under different sauce… a lot of blood.

“Kingsman. Golden ring” was a sometimes cruel and vulgar, so it will be better to watch it without the kids and certainly not to go with them to the session, because the juicy details of the relationship between a man and a woman, for example, know im a bit early. Especially in the form in which they were shown the Eggs. Overall impressions — very positive. Liked the movie and was pleased. The only thing left frustrated by the small amount of time for Roxy. But then there are reasons. Damn, that actress hooked=)

However, to watch You. Their opinions do not impose.

Pleasant viewing.

9 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 01.10.2017

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