New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

Kingsman. Like many in this word… the British black and sharp humor, unexpected twists, fountains of blood, off the hook (in the literal sense of the word) scenes, an awesome soundtrack, and, of course, the style and gloss. Giving even a bit of bragging at some points, but the more enchanting and memorable. And all this in the new film. Empty, useless wrapper. A mediocre action — the most positive description of the thing I could do in this case.

Let’s start with the basics of the film plot. And already at this stage, the film sags badly. First, the impossibly muddled narrative. In the pursuit for the maximum number of references to the previous part and the simultaneous introduction of new lines, the story itself is completely lost, it becomes mediocre and the new characters are completely faceless. But the idea was very interesting — agents Kingsmen, survivors of the destruction of their organizations, I find the same secret service, but on American soil. And then it would show the full flavor of Americans, the power and the same style of the Wild West, which strongly contrasted with the classic Prim and proper British, but no, we see a kind of circus performance, constant running, and in the end, all the interaction of two different companies, instead of trying to show different points of view and methods of work, is to alternate drinking at the table of the headquarters.

New part made fully on the subject last villain, which we represent from the beginning with great effect, subjugates millions of people who end up in mortal danger, and fearless agents trying to prevent. And all anything, Yes here only in the last movie was stunning, controversial and extremely interesting antagonist, which can be divided and means — to be terrified. In the new part we have some deranged psychopath with unintelligible, if not more — grapeshisha, motivation (the motivation in this film suffers many of the characters). Besides, on the screen we see it very rarely, information about her past and her views are not, and therefore the slightest interest in her personality and destiny does not arise.

Humor, for which the last film was loved by many, in this film, too podskachila. There will not be sharp, just caught in the moment black, on the verge of foul jokes, but only inappropriate toilet humor.

Another error the filmmakers was the decision to make a film using the technology of 3D-modeling, since many dynamic scenes are shot in closeup and with a very quick movement of the camera from which to monitor what is happening just uncomfortable. The only footage facing this decision — moments fights using lasso character of Whiskey (which outside of these battles looks too boring to me) — they really look spectacular.

Of the benefits can only note the musical component of the film and the atmosphere created by her.

As a result, the film is boring, uninteresting, does not arise the slightest desire to reconsider. Viewing is not recommended, better to enjoy again the previous movie, because the plot of the films are identical, only the “Golden Ring” — a pathetic parody of the original first part.

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

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