New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

First of Kingsman, I was thrilled. Time goes the sequel, I must go and see. It is clear that, most likely, will be worse, but it is necessary to be sure. So, with expectations of failure, I went for the gold ring.

Low expectations is always good. If you get suck, you can always Pat ourselves on the back for having the foresight. And in the case of error — be happy that there are still something good. In this case it is possible to successfully combine the first and second film worse than the first, and much better than it could be.

From the first film, took the jokes and the style. Gentlemen in suits is elegantly chopped the enemy by tens and hundreds under the cheerful music. Many references to the first part strengthens the unity of the movies and serves as the sources of numerous jokes. However, in this part, some of the jokes are very badly combined with the gentlemen. I’m not a prude, but in the context of this film they are very much cut ear and a bad match with it. Of course, in the first were also jokes about sex, but they were a bit more… gracefully decorated.

Well, the whole movie fell into the slapstick. I loved the intellectual meat grinder that spits out separate pieces of the clothes and boots, but such ridiculous trash, perhaps, too much. Smile at the beginning of the film, then goes into a puzzled expression, “come on!”. Colin Firth looks great, thank you, and Edgerton played a level. Other actors also look nice. But something was missing. I would say that most of all, I lacked development.

In the first part we see the transformation of Harry from a conditional hooligan in gentleman. He has a difficult choice interesting to watch the evolution of the character and for the solution of problems. This movie just looks great recollection of past Harry. Unfortunately, this process is not dragged on the entire movie and gave it 10 minutes. Otherwise any progress we are seeing, just the quest, invincible heroes, and it’s boring.

Thanks for the saved style. I increased the degree of delirium and vulgarity, as well as for the less than spectacular script. However, the film is still quite worth attention. Above average, worth a look.

7 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

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