New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

“Kingsman: the Secret Service” 2014 was a film that surpassed all expectations. The trailer might seem that this is the usual spy Thriller-Comedy, which comes out today a lot. But in fact, it was absolutely original, energetic and not like any other movie with a hint of madness. “Golden Ring”, on the contrary, expectations did not meet, at least mine.

Director Matthew Vaughn, apparently, wanted to see a sequel even more crazy and insane than the first part. And he did it, but the ribbon is a benefit not matter. All the gorgeous new stuff like mechanical dogs are served in a forehead, without raisins. The light atmosphere of the absurd is absolutely lost. In the sequel to all this madness looks too fat and already not happy as it was in the first part. Sometimes it seemed that I was just another “fast and furious” look to her God.

The actors, fortunately, their work managed soundly. Of Taron Edgerton again successfully coped with the role of Eggsy, Colin Firth still charismatic. However, his character returned in the sequel to the controversial looks, but we have to admit that without him, we’d get bored.

The villain performed by Julianne Moore looked bleak, especially when compared with the character of Samuel Jackson out of the picture predecessor. Poppy got out the usual antagonistas with a desire to take over the world, without any memorable features. Even her talent helped to make her character interesting character.

With action all more or less okay. The characteristic style of shooting, which shocked us all in the tape of 2014, still impressive. In the “Golden ring” even though there’s no scene that would be etched in the memory of Aki that episode in the Church, at action all are also fun to watch. Computer graphics sometimes disappoint, sometimes it was very evident, but overall the picture looks spectacular.

The humor was much weaker. Good, inventive jokes really small. Frankly a lot of flat humor, which was associated mainly with the cameo of a famous person, which I’m not going for you to open. A good sense of humor as is, but it is not enough because of the humor in the film once is not enough in principle. If the Director decided to raise the degree of absurdity, the joke would not have prevented.

In the end, “Kingsman: the gold Ring” came out much weaker than the original. Attempts to make the tape even crazier, absurd etc etc made the film better and Vice versa. In the first film just after all the craziness was at the right level at which all elements of the film worked to cheer. I’m waiting for the next part and hope it will be released closer to the original than a sequel, not particularly successful, in my opinion.

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

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