New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

Drug trafficking, alcohol and, oddly enough, no sex. But this is the only plus of the film. Yes, staging is not very bad. But I would like to mention the essence.

The limitation with the mark 18 made me think about a bed scene, but no! Who would have thought — in the film in detail show how to grind a person in the meat grinder, ground meat, and after the good eating cutlets from Chelopechene.

There is a limit to madness?! Apparently not. I saw in this film, propaganda of drug addiction, alcoholism, but most importantly, advocacy of violence under the cheerful music of a gay man Elton John.

According to my personal watching as soon as the world learned what is ISIS, screens the blood flowed. In this film, not just the blood and the mess, literally. It is worth noting that the filmmakers had used psychological techniques. Any neurologist and psychologist will tell you that such a bright, variable, accelerates the flash and the same sound. This film in abundance.

The viewer on a subconscious level, hammered the idea that to kill a sophisticated, nice. I think that’s how and training terrorists. First, the demolition of the psyche on a “clean sheet” is applied to a thirst to kill.

About phrases about “anus” Elton lower, the subject was discussed above, thoughtful people.

This movie is a slap in the face to society. Like murderize say: “You are meat. And you can not defeat us.”

One who carefully watched the movie, probably noticed how the movie ends — it is symbolic of TWO RINGS in his hand and the ring on the flag… But this character in the film was used as the embodiment of evil! Why was the emphasis on it in the end of movie…?!

Worst movie of the year!

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

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