New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

The atmosphere of the film seemed a little less spyware than in the first part, but maybe the point here is to change the place and field conditions. Earlier we had seen more of the inside out special services now are at a party, and even in a restricted format.

The film is 2.20, and surprisingly, not boring. Action and plot are not parallel, and in interaction. Even read the promise and high moral values. Sometimes the story very much hits the love story, but there are legends that it must disclose to the audience the inner world of the character. I’m not going to play the cynic, I love the romantic melodrama at times, but when I go to a movie about a super agent, please show me how tough guys beating each other and not drunk in the bar, due to the fact that someone of them threw a girlfriend. By the way, is about action, you can very much find fault with the unrealistic and violated the laws of physics, logic and common sense, but let’s be honest: we don’t care it just looks cool. This film I’m willing to forgive a few sins, simply because of the degree of expectation with which I came in for a session. And even despite the fact that expectations are largely not justified, the film is quite well made.

The hero is Colin Firth in this part turned in some miserable and lost, however, it may speak in this age, he still has noticeably changed with my beloved Bridget Jones (the first part, of course, the second was irrelevant, and the third I generally refuse to recognize).

New characters particularly vivid emotions do not cause. Moore is charming in the role of the villain with a rather banal plan, brothers in arms banal without any plans, just by the fact of playing with stamps. I was looking forward to a cameo of Elton, and to my delight, is even a role, a very small, comical, stupid and sometimes obscene, but I enjoyed finding the old man on the screen (don’t want to believe that he is in such a life).

The humor in the film is not quite my taste, were a couple of very witty jokes, had some laughs and smiles, but otherwise it is something obscene, vulgar or gay (needless to say about the gay jokes in the film, who directed first class”?).

What else to say about the movie? Pugs are cute, the fight delivered and the suits sit!

6 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 02.10.2017

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