New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 09.10.2017

Introduced in 2015, the year “Kingsman: the Secret service” surprised us with its originality and unconventional approach to the spy theme. Viewers have long yearned for a good quality made boevichkov, enthusiastically welcomed the film. Indeed, while it was a breath of fresh air among the boring, repetitive, utterly predictable, clichéd fighters. Original presentation, sharp, even somewhat daring humor, unusual setting that gives the film a special flavor.

And here in the broad, rolling out “Kingsman: the Golden ring” — the sequel that we have waited for more than two years.

The plot

All the same brave, courageous, stylish, real gentlemen, agents of the elite British secret service “Kingsman” continue to work for the good of mankind. Yes, they are brilliant, although not without difficulty, coped with the cunning villain, Valentine, but, it turns out, this does not mean that now the world can sleep peacefully. Declares a new threat in the person of the head of a drug cartel “Golden ring” poppy Adams. Its primary objective is to destroy the “Kingsman,” which can prevent it from taking over the world. She doesn’t mess around, and immediately passes from words to deeds, destroying the headquarters of security services. Now, survivors agents, it is necessary to resist evil. But how to resist alone? And alone and don’t have to! It turns out that somewhere in America there is a special service of “Statesman” that is ready to support British colleagues, leaving their forces to fight a mad narkobarona.

Actors and characters

Eggsy (Taron Edgerton)

Despite the fact that Eggsy was a real professional who has achieved excellence, in my opinion, there were all the same boy, who walks the wind in my head and haven’t implemented a lot of ambition.

Harry HART (Colin Firth)

To see Harry in the second part of the franchise would not only fans but also the creators of the film. Give them, the creators, from the resurrection of this character, the film clearly would have lost a very special treat. And so, everything is alive, almost healthy, you can come up with a new plot weave. Hero, still polite, professional and observant.

Poppy Adams (Julianne Moore)

She clearly loses the character of Samuel L. Jackson — Richmond Valentine. This organic, colorful character, as Valentine, in the movie was not very long ago. The image created by Julianne Moore, in my opinion, very mediocre. Goals and motives of her characters is simple as ABC. We’ve seen hundreds of times in various other paintings. But the methods used by poppy, quite unusual and looks fresh.

Tequila (Channing Tatum)

The purpose of his presence in the film I was unclear. Perhaps he will play a bigger role in the next film. It was clear that the character is a very complicated character. In the future it will be interesting to watch him, for his relationship with other heroes. But nothing concrete yet.

Whiskey (Pedro Pascal)

Whiskey is a dark horse. I will say no more, otherwise there will be spoilers.


1) awesome camera work

2) good acting

3) sustained atmosphere of the first part

4) a good sense of humor, although sometimes vulgar (but there is already an Amateur)

5) excellent action scenes

6) added many interesting details on the technical equipment agents

7) non-standard approach to the way the President of America


1) before the solution was revealed the main intrigue of the film will be a hero Firth or not (but here, rather, the claim is not to the film)

2) lack of decent anti-hero


The film is 100% entertainment. It’s not a movie that reveals a lot of serious problems (except the problem of drug addiction). If you want to ponder something global — watch the other movie if you want to relax cool crazy action is what you need!

The creators did not invent anything new but continued to work in the same direction, which can be seen as both positive and negative point of view (depending on what you want from a movie).

Turned out a worthy continuation. The creators managed to keep the General atmosphere of the first part without hurting the story overall. Is that the sequel lost a little unusual storylines, but it does not spoil the overall impression of the film.

Thank you for your attention!

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 09.10.2017

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