New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 12.10.2017

The problem of any sequel always lies in the fact of its existence. Such is the fate of any “second” in this world it will inevitably be compared with the first. Has not avoided this fate and a new Chapter of the adventures of the agents of a truly English Atelier Kingsman, Matthew Vaughn so, apparently, knowing that above your head not to jump, moves the vector of development history overseas.

The dynamics of the entire film sets the opening scene, which serves as a bridge to the first part, not only in plot but also stylistically. Everything that endeared the first Kingsman in this enchanting chase through the night to London — the dynamics, stunning camerawork, and most importantly, style — style “Secret service”. To take all the best and chase it with this right off the bat — hurt that the sequel was “not worse”. But that’s what the intention was and minus the “Golden ring”, because it turned out two of the SAME movie, with different stylistic emphases, and this, alas, is not enough.

I think if to run in parallel both films, you can even compare how similar the scenes are in the same places, and, by themselves they are good and in art and in technical terms, but too straightforward to copy each other. About how detective investigations of Hercule Poirot, where only the characters change. Perhaps the Director just remembered that the best is the enemy of good, and gave a sturdy product, which was just a bit of novelty.

It is encouraging that in writing, and in artistic terms “the Golden ring” is not sunk under the burden of the “second son”. It is remarkable that in the sequel, as there are scenes that are remembered for a long time. And very cool that the hero is Colin Firth returned quite organically, because what’s the Kingsman without the most important thing an English gentleman!

Matthew Vaughn made two absolutely identical in content but slightly different orientation of the film under the same heading. And although his trademark mannerisms (which are “face men”) perfect gentlemen of the English Atelier took an emergency trip overseas, the battle was held at the local, cowboy, rules.

Between the two Cpdma you can put a “VS”. He will hint at equality, but at the same time it will force you to choose — not quite between brains and jump rope, but between Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges so it’s just a matter of taste. But in any case, Saturday night good has to fight like any other.

9 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 12.10.2017

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