New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 12.10.2017

Just recently, with friends, I went on this action. I want to say that I liked the movie, but I will not say that he was perfect. I haven’t watched the previous part, and many links simply did not understand, but that impression of the film is not particularly changed. Flawless action, done quite efficiently, quite a not bad characters, including the characters of the new Agency. The plot is quite banal, but this is again not spoiled the impression about the painting. I liked the inserts with Eltoni Jones, they were just lovely and in my opinion it was the funniest moments in the film. Good visual component, including music, graphics, costumes and installation. But still the film had its disadvantages. Dark side (evil) in the movie was very poorly designed, and does not cause to itself any interest. The woman who sells drugs and her henchman with an iron hand — boring. I have always loved worked evil in the movie, which was at least invested a little more than just hatred, the desire to rise or all to destroy, it’s too corny. About acting, everything was top quality. The humor was surprisingly funny, and besides, it’s all perfect balance with the drama, which added to the film of freshness, and then I can’t say that the drama has diluted the humor, on the contrary, the humor was diluted drama. To summarize

Action +

Work of actors +

Music, effects, costumes etc. +

The characters are good +

Humor +

Of the minuses can be noted:

Characters evil

And in my opinion, I’m not going to spoil, but did not properly with one of the characters. See for yourself.

7.5 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 12.10.2017

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