New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 12.10.2017

After all, we are fed up with modern cinema: history is not exciting, the special effects are not impressive, punch on a tear, and creepy clowns do not scare me. Going to the cinema on a certain Director, and maybe another franchise, we are mentally prepared that the new film will strike us as once stunned any Terminator. Purse and noses when turmoil happens. Simply put, we zazhralis.

Once again, my soul no squeaks of delight, as the unhappy fate of sequels befell Kingsman gold Ring. Something happened, something trivial Matthew Vaughn feared the film became more sweeping, but nothing new is introduced. The Director literally follows the intended outline of the extremely successful previous section, and in the new film denies the viewer at least a bit of freshness.

The acquisitions here only new, familiar face to the pain: beardless bridges, dancing Tatum and again effectively a dying actor from Game of thrones. Oh, and Elton John, whose protracted cameo, unfortunately, became a full-fledged role and acting ability of sir John never be compared with music. As much as I want to say Gary Oldman from the Comedy show: “Stay the f*ck out of movies! You’re not f***ing actors!”

Obvious cons of become overly unnatural, green-screen action scenes, and definitely not catchy antagonists. Moore certainly looks great, but her villainous image no catches, you can not say about exclusively played Jackson villain zadrotov from the first film. Well, robot dogs, man “Mechanical Hand” and do not stand next to a woman who chops up people’s legs with knives. To top it off, in the picture there is not a single anything resembling a Church in a bloody extravaganza of scenes, it becomes a serious omission.

Scenario part of some of the highlights of sags and holds attention, but the dirty jokes make blush. But not because I’m at the mention of the male reproductive organs are falling into a swoon, and bending as the same ribald humorous line of the second movie in a row is exhausting, and simply unfunny.

Overall, with the new Kingsman is possible to spend time, and even with pleasure, but the head it will not explode.

7 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 12.10.2017

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