New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 13.10.2017

When in 2015 was released “Kingsman: the Secret service”, we were excited and intrigued. The current abundance of the spy Thriller it stood out for its style and well-chosen ironic tone. When it was announced that the sequel will still be, started a new wave of impatience: come back to the project Colin Firth and exactly how it will “resurrect” after death in the first part.

And here on 21 September, the world learned about how to bring back to life the charismatic special agent even if he was shot in the head. I must say that the second part of “Kingsman: the Golden ring” was very impressive with lots of spectacular fights, a light touch over the cowboys and a bright cast. But at the same time we have to admit some loss of chic because of the reduced dose of British snobbery.

Appeal to the American character, the stylized cowboy theme and the juxtaposition of all this gentleman’s manners have become the hallmark of the second part of the franchise, and not only for its creators but also for the characters: the main villain poppy creates her own little world in the style of the American pin-up in the middle of the African jungle. Despite some “pop” to such a move, in the framework of a single film, he was justified — it’s funny, exciting and beautiful. Also, pulled this allusion to their characters that would look stereotypical, if not a fair share of self-irony. Jeff bridges, Halle berry, Channing Tatum and Pedro Pascal, well play this saloon Comedy with elements of stunt show. Negating one another with the bullies of Her Majesty, the cowboys set a wonderful mood.

Of course, you can again for a long time and a lot of talking about the British part of the cast: Colin Firth, Taron Edgerton and mark strong has already proven that flawless not only in the costumes of the elite Atelier “Kingsman”, but in the orange jackets, baseball caps and even pajama type of household suits. A confused look revived to life and the salvation of the world agent Galahad only adds more charm in our eyes. The perfect solution was the invitation to the role of the incarnation of the world’s evil Julianne Moore, which has already played opposite Firth. This Duo paints a picture with special colors and shades and gives the story an indescribable piquancy.

Sauce of laughter and spyware mess the filmmakers unobtrusively spoke to one idea, though not new, but relevant for a long time: perhaps no person embodies all the world’s evil, but evil is definitely there — the drugs! If they light, heavy, to relieve stress, or whether the mood at a music festival, any one of them carries a risk. And let them not put virus, paralyzing the entire body, the danger from not less. This topic is raised without edifying censure, which is not currently perceived as something serious, but the picture of global infection is very telling.

The second part of “Kingsman” makes us think about whether we want to see the third one: on the one hand, of course, Yes, but only if stylistically and ideologically, she will be kept in the specified colours and not slide into a weak-willed attempt to repeat the success once achieved in the same ways.

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 13.10.2017

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