New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 22.09.2017

The review is biased and is simply a personal opinion, which is trying to argue.

I will not pull the cat by the balls and say why the review is red: “Golden ring” is the laziest type of sequel that you can imagine. Taking into account the first series and her witty harping genre cliches, to make a sequel that uses all of these cliches and not really irony on this topic — just a crime. Phew, OK, now — the details.

Start with the pros. “Golden ring” is by far not the worst film of all time, moreover, it is not even the worst film of 2017. This is a competent comic book spy Thriller with a more than sufficient dose of humor and old-fashioned alternately.

No complaints about the actors — everything in its place, although some could be used more fully or ingeniously. Cheating expectations with the participation of Tatum can be considered successful, but to lure in the movie, sir Michael Gambon and give him two minutes of screen time and the phrase “Holy shit”, in my opinion, is an extravagance. The rest of the work at the level of the previous film — Edgerton, Firth and mark strong is his usual good, Jeff bridges is also, though is only colorful furniture. Villains failed worse (still have to do a couple more colorful than Sam fucking Jackson and Sofia Boutella, very difficult), but the weather does not spoil. Elton John suddenly emerged in the sequel, was pretty fun and bring some absurd humor.

Action scenes good as expected. The final “boss battles” turned out to be surprisingly not boring and exciting, easily surpassing the final fight between Gazelle and Eggsy in the last part. With more large-scale massacres against numerous minions “poppy”, the situation is slightly worse. Yes, the scene was entertaining and moderately fun. Their problem (and villains) that the first film already did it all, and done better (to outdo the carnage at the Church sooo hard). And computer graphics is still too overdone.

Actually, all my claims (as with most of my reviews, red) to the script. In theory, you could forgive the incredibly slow first hour, the benefit of problems with the rhythm of the narrative was in the first “Kingsman” (torment of the hero after the failed selection and the bringing down of the satellite, for example), but it pays off with humor, interesting characters and unexpected plot twists — and that these three things are lacking in the “Golden ring”. The details are below, and the points.

Humor is the first “Kingsman” was also not a sample is not vulgar and intellectual humor, but even the final joke about the Princess and the ass was a blatant parody of the final ambiguous phrases their “James Bond” (like, “He’s trying to make re-entry” or “Christmas comes/cums once a year”, ahahahah). Here, sometimes, it seems that some of the jokes were written by Sarik Andreasyan and creative group of “Comedy club”. Guys joke about anal sex will not be funny the second time, if it sounded Elton John — we know that he is gay, Yes, Yes, Yes, they do, ha ha, stop. Bug on girlfriend improvised — well, uh, in pretty bad taste. Trampo-a prominent President of the United States and Hillary is such a Fox it’s NOT FUNNY. Yes, Hollywood does not like trump, OK, we understand, be called the more Alec Baldwin to play him, he’s still with “SNL” doing rather well. Again, in the first film, the classical music broke brain the previous President and the United Nations in full, this is one of the most literate of the scenes with the political satire in the 21st century. But… Alas.

The characters are not interesting. With the exception of hobby Harry young we about any of the old characters don’t learn anything new. New characters — nearestcity. The only person in the entire movie has a clear narrative motivation, is Eggsy (and conflict is the same as in the first part — to save a loved one trapped victim of the plan of the main villain) and Charlie, who takes revenge for the failed exam in the “Kingsmen”. The plan of the main villain — nonsense and absurd, not ridiculous nonsense and absurdity. Appeared in the final “secret villain” just throws his motives monologue that we neither hot nor cold. So, the old characters are not encouraging, and the new lack of charisma — an obvious disadvantage.

Unexpected turns (and the script logic in General) is missing. Crazy surprise could be the return of Colin Firth, but it was popularily in the trailer. The destruction of “Kingsmen” (not a spoiler, it is also issued in the trailers) does not increase rate scenario, Eggsy and Merlin were in the same situation at the end of the first part. The storyline with the traitor in the “Statesmen” — Yes, it would be a big surprise if the character pointed to everything in the final traitor was not there. If the couple came together at the end of the first film is of course need to come up with a move that they fell out. If in the beginning of the movie showed us a giant meat grinder — it will definitely be in the result. Promoting one of the analysts in field agents at the end of the film is the height of stupidity. This character in the entire movie did nothing that could prove his use as an operative. A separate issue to binding of separate scenes. It is enough to compare a fight in a bar from the first and second film. When “Kingsman” to the table Harry and Eggsy pulled the local Gopnik, as their appearance is justified, in the end, Eggsy stole their car and publicly humiliated. To start a fight in the “Golden ring”, the main characters hitting on absolutely left-wing degenerates in the brand left the saloon, just for the sake of the fight took place and it was possible to parody one of the most memorable scenes of the prequel. And so each time. Any kind of joke or plot twist has already been used in the first part, and there they were, because of the novelty or simply because of the quality, funny and interesting. Well, replaced the bullet in the eye on a landmine in the jungle (and the scene is so manipulative with the purpose to squeeze out of the audience tear that is not pity the character, but sad for how it is used by the writers). Well, changed the motivation of the hero from the personal growth and overcoming of internal problems and external obstacles on the banal theme of “enemies burned native hut”. Made this movie better? No.

The result is simple — “Golden ring” is a typical example of a sequel “the same soup, but more”. Yes, something similar could be accuse and the second “Guardians of the galaxy”, but there are new plays, old conflicts are added new, and the characters were revealed. Here is an attempt to repeat the success of the first part, just repeating everything according to the creators like the audience in the first part. Conveyor. Stamping. Dull and overlong film with a couple of funny jokes and good action scenes.

5 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 22.09.2017

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