New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 25.09.2017

Been waiting for a sequel to Kingsman,but when I saw the first trailer, in soul crept the first suspicion that is not quite what I expected. My suspicions were justified. Matthew Vaughn has created a daring “cranberry” Thriller about America, which is a little unusual to see this from an English Director, but who out there will know what to expect from them. Everything seems to be nothing but those cowboy costumes, the attempts to copy the style of their communication and habits badly cut eye. As poorly designed computer graphics, it was especially noticeable when you look at the views from the window of a building.

The main villain… you can figure out a more “villainous” plan, and that this is just ridiculous.

If the first film is well exported contentious issues through dialogues and jokes, then it did not happen. While watching in the cinema wanted to skip a scene forward.

Also I had a question: “Creators, You are asked to show the Swedish Royal family such strange snobs?”

And what kind of love is to focus on rear-wheel drive is?! “Save the world-ladies in the back” WHAT?! It is necessary to talk with the screen?

And as icing on the cake — Elton John dressed as a rooster.

And so, thanks to Colin Firth and Mark Strong — it was nice to see them.

My verdict:if you have nothing to do and want something to see, and you, better at home, when the film you can fast forward.

6 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 25.09.2017

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