New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 25.09.2017

The main character Eggsy since the first part got a taste of the work of the secret agent, and returning home continues to have fun with comely Swedish Princess Tilde, but once on the threshold of a tailoring Atelier Kingsman appears a former recruit Charlie with the avowed intent to kill Eggsy. After retiring from the pursuit, special agents Kingsman out for a mysterious organization the Golden ring, but do not have time to do something, because all agents destroy the rocket fire. Survivors Eggsy and Merlin have resorted to extreme measures, which leads them to travel to America, where is located the headquarters of the related agencies, the Statesman. British and American colleagues will have to work together to hunt down the organization of the “Golden ring”.

The story starts quite briskly and sometimes throws unexpected turns. Funny situations, funny dialogues and hilarious finds skips regularly, but the level of humor sadly has slipped in the area of the butt. If the first couple of jokes still sounded funny, the further mention of the ass rather annoying. The script includes both filled with humor scenes, and dramatic scenes, but with them there was a serious mistake in this drama just refuse to believe. The motivation of the characters sometimes just missing, and many relationships are embroidered with white thread. In the scenario of not enough space and time to give at least a superficial understanding of the characters. The heroes just run from one location to another and do fun assignments with the use of the least funny gadgets.

But with the spectacle of the movie is all right. In the dynamic car chases, fights and shootings, the camera flies around wildly, managing to catch a lot of interesting and amusing details. Plus, Director Matthew Vaughn does not hesitate inventively to deal with people — who in a meat grinder send, whom the robots feed the dogs, and someone giant scissors pierce. But there is a downside — many such scenes lose their naturalness from a lack of sprinkles on all sides of ketchup — a feeling that he just forgot to pour in the right quantity. This affects the naturalness and the notorious ultra violence, so characteristic for the first part. Many of the scenes because of this, it looks too refined — too neat to spoil their red sauce. But this is not always the one dynamic scene, which is still flashing fountains of ketchup have two sterile — it looks like this is controversial — like the movie one and the same, but the approach is different. The first part did not allow themselves such and have not taken the view until recently. It feels like half the movie was shot by other people, and the most intense scenes Matthew Vaughn directed himself.

Of Taron Egerton in the role of agent, Eggsy has grown up and has rounded face since the first part. He was still cheerful and happy, and the street past POPs up regularly in patsanski outfits, which, however, it is not in harmony with the grown-up face.

There was much debate whether to return Colin Firth to Harry hunt, and after numerous trailers and posters won’t be a surprise that he paid a rather impressive the role, despite how dealt with it in the first part. The return of agent delivered creatively and with fiction, and an actor before and after his return to himself can even see!

Mark strong played is just gorgeous and for that character to survive even more than the others. And his “music room” is not even looks pretentious and is in the film, where the robotic arm itself runs through the back of the limo!

Fresh blood in the form of agents, the Statesman looks at least funny. Story characters served too superficial and don’t particularly have time to get used to. Agent Tequila, played by Channing Tatum fulfills the image of a cowboy on all 100% — impressive gait and rustic it looks great in his performance. It is a pity that the screen time allotted him very little, but you can laugh at him dancing in his underwear.

Halle berry and Jeff bridges in General, few appear in the frame and their interaction with the other characters looks weird. That only is the closing scene with the choice of a new agent in the first part of this process was given to the movie — and then all decided in a minute.

Agent Whiskey in the performance of Pedro Pascal and more all cause problems in terms of plot. Inexplicably he plays an impressive role in the plot, but I have a feeling that some important scenes were cut. The viewer confront the fact that everything is fine and as it should be, but the feeling of uncertainty still remains.

From Julianne Moore, to be honest, the villains did not. At least to the level of Valentine’s from the last part of it definitely falls short, though, the authors try to create a unique image of a fan 60 years. But the problem here lies deeper — Valentine was the principal villain — he believed in the idea of exterminating humanity for its purification and was willing to do anything to implement it. Heroine Moore is insecure businesswoman who does strange things, like kidnapping pop stars for fun, easy destroys secret agents, but is afraid to go against the government and is awaiting the signature of the unfortunate paper.

Visually the film looks great. A variety of locations, dynamic action, quirky gadgets and stylish outfit pleasing to the eye and not bored, but music creators too clever by half. The first part pleased with a cheerful soundtrack and well-selected hooligan songs. The second part decided to unleash the pathos and changed almost all the music on faceless fanfares and orchestral riffs that are supposed to add drama, but in fact only annoyingly not fit in the video and only spoil the experience.

It is obvious that the authors wanted to create a worthy sequel, but some things are just not up to the level of the original. Gone is the novelty effect, but some scenes almost a repeat of one original. Bar fight, methods of pickup, the assistant to the main villain of dentures… samopovtorov there is nothing wrong with proper use, but here it looks more like a crisis of ideas than sameparty. The original had this great scene where the main villain was remembering the old movies and say, “this is just another movie”. About the second part, unfortunately, so we can not say — she slipped into the classic cliches and boast of its former originality. However, the positive aspects still have not to consider the film a failure.

“Kingsman: the Golden ring” was a good film, but to the level of the original trade. Lacked just a little — less would joke about the ass and more alternately. The sequel was good, but the sad passing film. A scattering of Hollywood stars pleasing to the eye familiar faces and comedic episodes regularly alternate with dramatic inserts. Filled with positive energy he brings, but the enthusiasm does not cause.

6 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 25.09.2017

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