New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 25.09.2017

I must say, I love creepy, vulgar and dark sense of humor. And there will be fun for those who laugh at the latest releases of the Comedy club and the panels between the programs on TNT. 90% of the jokes causes facepalm, they are terribly banal and inappropriate. Maybe they killed the localization, but to joke about backstage Elton John after Bruno pour champagne on your lover is just silly. Like I spent two hours hanging out with third graders, leaping laughing over the word “ass”.

A joke is supposed to bring down the degree of James bond pathos, instead, reek of hydrogen sulphide. Between them and all the other good occurs awful dissonance. It’s really hard to enjoy the filming, the acting, scenery and special effects.

See the first part, the second does not see.

3 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 25.09.2017

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