New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 26.09.2017

Hardly anyone was expecting from the first part of what she came up, crazy film, extraordinary, maybe even politically incorrect and offensive to someone, but at the same time pleasing to the viewer from the other groups of the population.

And here’s the second part comes out an absolute travesty. If Vaughn and Goldman have proposed to shift all the action to another storyline, leaving the sequel of all the controversial scenes of the original (the Church and the bunker) and characters (Gazelle), but retaining the balance of fart jokes and superagents style. In other words, the same spirit of the same party, but a noisy and riotous feast not invited to yesterday’s careless students and the already established adults. That’s why your friend nick doesn’t rip more on the chest of the shirt and texted his wife that all is well, and he’ll come home sober, in order to read a beautiful daughter a bedtime story.

Action became more, but all this is not remembered, it is not so spectacular, and because one feels a certain surplus. Does not have the identity, but again, silly was worth the wait for something new. If it was a standalone film, it is nothing to compare so hard, and he would certainly have gone the same way as the original almost three years ago. And, of course, still good and stylish the irony of the militants and spy movies with all the clichés of the genre.

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 26.09.2017

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