New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 27.09.2017

“Kingsman: the Golden ring” — the sequel many stories about secret agents from England, the main weapon which are manners. From the sequel to have been waiting for such as stylish, fun and elegant seboseso clichés of spy films, Thriller. First “Kingsman” lifted the bar up to the heavens and no one had no idea that the second part can be frustrating. However, it turned out it did… let us Examine the details to understand where exactly was miscalculated by Matthew Vaughn, filming the first sequel.

The plot in “Golden Ring” — the most secondary and little more than full, repeats the story of the original tape. A villain (in this case, the villainess), who with the help of the virus takes hostage half of the globe, there are brave agents trying to prevent it. That’s all! The same concept for two film? Vaughn, smells like trash, don’t you think? Although, to blame the Director in this case is stupid. Vaughn admitted that the Studio cut from the theatrical version is almost an hour busy action timing. “Cut” is not only the storyline, but the whole role. For example, on the side of the villain poppy was colorful, Vinnie Jones, fallen the victim of a ruthless editor. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Action component in the sequel is average. Fights, as usual have Won and set well, but the scene in the Church from the first part and not overshadowed. As for the effects, almost all of them are “painted” on the computer and sometimes it very much catches the eye, creating the effect of “cartoon”. I don’t know what has caused the regression… Maybe over budget, modest for the action movie with so many Oscar-winning actors and shooting for every ten minutes of narration.

The characters in the sequel, a separate article for the disturbance… most of the characters of the original story derived from the maximally stupid way. Survivor, undoubtedly, delight the eye, and can say that it is only through him you continue to watch the movie. New characters from the American service, “the Statesman” are of a guest character than DC (except one, perhaps) and all of them are cliched, dull, the Americans in cowboy hats, with the Remington in one hand and a lasso in the other. Yes, they will be a couple of good jokes, but nothing more. Remember their names and even more forward to their arrival, as expected the guys from Studio “Kingsman” not want to, believe me.

Result. “Kingsman: the Golden ring” — a film that failed to avoid “the curse of the second parts.” The tape is all that was in the original, except that action with irrationality increased. Anything new, fun and creative. Anything for that “Golden ring” could be praised. Right Matthew Vaughn questioned the wisdom of continue… Needed to persevere. These sequels are good movies then maybe we don’t need.

“Country roads, take me home to the place I belong!
West Virginia, mountain mamma, take me home, country roads!”

6 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 27.09.2017

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