New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 27.09.2017

Audience success of the first part made Matthew Vaughn to abandon his principles and take his first sequel.

Money makes the world go round — even in 1972, sang Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret”.

Modern cinema Holy compliance with this postulate. Should the producers get wind of a potentially lucrative franchise, she immediately begins to grow into sequels, prequels, spinoffs and restarts. Logic and common sense of the narrative is sidelined and more or less fresh idea of operation, while through the plot holes starts to be viewed naked desire to earn.

This logic live Marvel and DC (although the individual stories of their kynoselen to my liking).

The same principle was killed, the idea of “Terminator”, where the father-founder James Cameron got lost in the pines-sequels.

Two years ago Matthew Vaughn brought to the audience his directorial work “Kingsmen. The secret service”. The story of a guy from a tough neighborhood (Taron Edgerton) is caught in a secret spy organization, where the rights exclusively hereditary gentlemen, could not surprising novelty. Misalliance main character and his new environment we’ve seen, at least in “wanted” with James McAvoy and “the Spy” by James Stethemom.

The original “Kingsmen” was a pretty cast and the British-American confrontation of the worlds. True British Colin Firth, Michael Caine and mark strong knew the rules of etiquette and unflappable calmness could send down any opponent. Opposite the scales in their direction persuaded charismatic American hero Samuel L. Jackson. The first “Kingsman” is a careful parody of the spy Thriller in a Mature English style, which is to be reviewed periodically.

What can be said about the sequel.

The creators are trying to re-enter in the same river, and from the first scenes losing the shore — literally lowering the bar on humor in the sewers. Black Jackson replaced the redhead Julianne Moore. The British with the Americans today at the same time. Killed in the first part the characters are raised. Sir Elton John curses. The whole flavor of the last tape was fresh, had lost its sharpness and some taste.

If the movie 2015 was similar to the signature dish from the chef, a continuation of this melting pot, where a hungry bachelor catapulted everything found in the fridge, put it for maximum fire and forgot to look after him. In the end, the concoction began to boil, and went through the top. Comedy turned into a cliched grotesque “all kill — one will remain” in the spirit “Commando”, where the background flashes colorful Austin powers costume. It seems to be funny, but the residue remains.

In the case of box-office success, Matthew Vaughn threatens the third part and spinoffom of fraternal organizations, the Statesman. Cool reaction from critics and unimportant by Hollywood standards the fees of the “Golden ring” give up on the shocking air will not come.

And one of the really interesting stories of recent years will avoid becoming worn-out holes to the franchise.

6 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 27.09.2017

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