New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 28.09.2017

“In our time, spy films have become so serious that wonder the wonder of good old James Bond films”, — does anyone remember these words? Yes, it was Harry Richmond Valentine in the first part Kingsman’a. Why I started the title with these words? Probably because these words were indeed truth. Kingsman — the warm and well-tailored shade in this dark field of a spy movie, which stands out for its originality and Chur easy flow of absurdity, apparent in all this exceptional highlight. “Golden ring” is a mathematical square, multiply the success of the first part, but making it so that errors begin to be seen with the naked eye. What to do in this case? Do not panic, because multiplied by half is not so great, but only partly.

The first thing I would like to start — Matthew Vaughn. Man, long time doubting whether to do a sequel. Popular problem of “equalism” tortured him, causing the constant questions of “is it worth it to do it all?” seemed commonplace. In the end, “the Secret service” was on horseback, which it was possible to achieve. The charm of sophistication and admiration, through which the picture was out, and turned it into a real spy movie. Have Won was an impossible task — to repeat the success of the fifteenth year, but also to do something brand new. Something that will make the viewer say, “Wow, so cool in fact!”. But, unfortunately, Won was what he feared most — “equalism” worked on the nerves of the Director. The picture offers little new, but with the repetition of the bright costume of the original all right, here it is even more beautiful and more elegant.

The Statesman, if not to understand, the same Kingsman, only the first more resources and they trade different products. And if the second call sign is the names of the knights of the round table, the names “cowboys” — the names of spirits. Infrastructure Americans numerically exceeds British, and the level of training of agents is clearly superior in combat. Unfortunately, this is all that is possible to learn about them. The agents of the company were not disclosed detailed, just a brief story about what, and how. Matthew Vaughn, with professionals such as Channing Tatum, Jeff bridges, Pedro Pascal did not consider it necessary to use them to the fullest, bringing the first two almost immediately after the appearance on the screen. Pedro Pascal, who played the role of agent of Whisky, the only grain in the American garden, which sang and gave a delicate and delicious flavor.

“If you don’t want to hit the dirt face — down, but continued decent move,” Matthew heard these words during pre-production. “The secret service” gave us the gorgeous scene in the Church. Something like this makes the “Golden ring”? Do not even hesitate. As befits a gentleman’s set, the sequel begins its journey with a rapid chase through London. Since the drive, the picture continues the madness with each new scene. In the trailers, Matthew gave only a small part of which was intended to shift the head. These scenes look with full head Bang, impressing with his choreography and staging of action. The increased budget has affected the quality of the recording, after all, in comparison with the original, the special effects look more colorful, and the size of locations has increased by the Exhibitor. For the work in this regard — five, definitely.

Gary HART, nicknamed “Galahad”, he fell a heroic death in the last part, but the power of love to an individual character is so great that the Director of the film could not get him back in the franchise. To say that his return in the film was stupid — to say nothing. And it is stupid, not because such shots do not survive, and then that the system is resuming on the screen will be too hackneyed. The first hero playing the fool, and then begins the process of formation, and then again reverts to his “Galahad”. However, this does not affect the chemistry between him and Eggsy. Harry remains a mentor to “Galahad, Jr.”, thereby becoming a hero of Tarona Egerton is also under development. For Duo nice to watch, because the younger does not always agree with all the choices of older events. Eggsy has grown, and so has the right to reject what he does not taste. But how, Harry? Question…

Richmond Valentine. Lisping villain, which the company offered to sociopathic heights, for his “crazy ideas”. I thought Richmond was thinking about people? The infection that kills a society faster and faster. Richmond was not an antagonist as it is all thought his ideas how to change the world seemed mad, that’s all. Poppy Adams, the owner of a drug cartel in the jungles of North America in the style of the fifties. Poppy is similar to Richmond, but her position differs slightly, drug — ballast companies, who all his appearance makes people trash, able to die. Poppy decides to act swiftly, but the world cannot reckon with its actions. But the main question is, are the real villains? People whose views do not coincide with those who judge strictly on their own. The villains are they? And if villain poppy? Certainly, it rustles the fire of evil and madness, but the woman just wants to rid the world of the cloaca, which is so persistently destroys the sociological layers.

The history of the formation of the hooligan in gentlemen were interesting. Hard and long training, instructive lectures about etiquette, neatness and appearance, the Eggs went through a lot to in a natural end to a well-deserved award — Princess Tilda. In the “Golden ring” relationships of the heroes will reach a new level. But, you know about the slowness, that is, what is its essence? It is important to stay in the moment and not to go too flexible. The relationship between the lovers — Chur beaten the time, which falls out of place in this picture. Between them is interestingly presented conditions, but perhaps in this action, as Kingsman, these lines look inappropriate and dull. For them you do not want to see because we’re not a youth romance. Time spent is not enough and probably would be better if it went to the development of agents of Statesman.

The verdict. So the big question is: “Golden ring” really cool and interesting “Secret service”? Probably not. The sequel does not involve anything new, compared to the original part. A new Agency, the Statesman managed to disappoint due to scenic concerns. Their agents, as the Agency is not adequately disclosed, that does not make them alive and organic characters. Poppy Adams holding the passions at the proper level, was pleased with how bold and energetic antagoniste. But I know only one lovely action game “go” will not work. “Kingsman: the Gold ring” is as invigorating as the original, but the extra refinement just is not going to taste the picture.

I know that the two — third not destined to know.

Pleasant viewing!

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 28.09.2017

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