New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 28.09.2017

Start with the fact that “Kingsman” movie on good atmospheric, even if is not serious, although things were and think, the main thing which will plunge into the atmosphere of carefree relaxation. Despite the abundance of scenes in which some people are deprived of life of others in a variety of ways.

Watch the UPS and downs of everyday life very secret agents funnily enough, the film is laced with a portion of good humor, sometimes really crossed a line (one man, Elton John is worth their proposals), but overall looks organic.

Retell the story, in which once again the good guys save the world from bad guys makes no sense, it is necessary to look, focus on the fact that the level of technical equipment of good and bad is growing significantly, but that’s strong fists, the good old knife and firearms while not disappearing, because only these primitive tools possible to deal with the looming threat. A serious moment in the film is only relevant to drug users — the two extremes face off in a tough fight — will the world be better off if all drug addicts die at once, or let it continue to live. The answer to this question was the most serious for me when viewing, the rest of the time I could afford to renounce thoughts and to look at what is happening on the screen.

And the main and secondary characters I liked — looked bright and memorable. Of the cast pleased with Julianne Moore and Colin Firth, Channing Tatum and Halle berry, mark strong, and Jeff Bridgers played very well, Taron Edgerton looked a little worse than the first part, but his character with a Tilde continued to entertain.

If you want to get a dose of good mood and not worry so much about serious things, it is safe to go in watching this film.

8 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 28.09.2017

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