New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 29.09.2017

The first part of Kingsman was like a glass of fine wine that pleases a variety of flavors and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The second part spy Thriller was more like a cheap whiskey: after a few glasses you no longer understand what is going on.

The biggest drawback was absolutely cardboard characters, most of which are introduced either to justify further stupidity of the plot, or to squeeze out of the audience a tear, which does not want to appear. Eggsy this time as it absolutely strained frowns, trying to portray the perfect agent, and his girlfriend no less strained trying to hysteria, and all together, the heroes strained trying to make a joke that they, however, managed only a couple of times for the film.

However, the cast was chosen very well: here and favorite all of the first film (and someone on the “diary “Bridget Jones”) Colin Firth, and the incomparable Julianne Moore, and a very good Channing Tatum and even the Maestro himself Elton John. But do not rejoice, neither one of them will not be disclosed, except, perhaps, Elton John, who in multi-colored feathers at the end of the film will cause the same crushing blow to the enemy, and at the same time and the audience hopes for a good movie.

If we leave aside the plot holes, of which in the film as stars in the sky, lack of motivation in more than half of the characters, and the jokes are the level of “ass — nurse”, the film still turns out to be not so bad. The abundance of meat (in direct and figurative sense of the word) adds that bezbashennosti, which has attracted viewers in the first part, high-quality action scenes, a lively tune give a clumsy plot dynamics, and couple of funny jokes about alcohol wave dark thoughts about the inconsistencies and absurdities.

On the way, Matthew Vaughn has turned quite a passing boevichok, which, if you turn off the brain, and is able to amuse, and to miss it is not forced. But this is only if you turn off the brain.

6 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 29.09.2017

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