New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 29.09.2017

At poppy’s has it all — two hundred and fifty billion in annual revenue, burgers made from human flesh, a secret lair in the Hindu temple. Lacking only recognition and a high place in the Forbes list. But how to achieve fame, when they receive the income from drug trafficking?

The first obstacle to world domination — the Kingsman that supports the interests of the British crown. The Kingsman agents still regard themselves as knights of the Round table and do not notice that above their heads the clouds are gathering. When the black day comes, agents Galahad (Taron Edgerton) and Merlin (mark strong) uncorked stash: a bottle of whiskey, which is produced in Kentucky. And then travel to America, where film from a daring parody of James bond will turn into “peculiarities of national hunting” on American soil. Nothing to parody here: super-spies in the style of “Wild wild West” in the United States do not produce.

Located under the Kentucky alcoholic plant is crowned by a giant bottle of whiskey with office on top; poorly drawn special effects make flashy would-be American like scenery series, American Gods. But where in Gods included the God of the Volcano, in Director Matthew Vaughn appear special agents-Americans, interesting only by the fact that no prosiga thumps. The background, as logic is missing. Why the heroine Halle berry haven’t been promoted? Why the film Channing Tatum if it was a place only in a coffin of ice? What miracles of intuition helped revived the character Colin Firth (a charming one-eyed lepidopterist) to recognize the deception?

The first Kingsman began as a parody of archaic bond, but the finale turned into a big-budget trash, adaptation of a good episode of South Park with explosions of heads, the shooting of innocent believers and jokes for three hundred (hell, for all five hundred). The second Kingsman was replaced by jokes about anal sex with a Swedish Princess and jokes about anal sex with Elton John and it is not the equivalent replacement. The movie as if apologizing for those same jokes with the Princess, which caused many complaints from the guardians of morality now Eggsy is Galahad with the Princess in a serious relationship, because after sex there is no other way. Finally, you can take in a cinema of eight children. And we, the fans of the first Kingsman to send to the dressing room to Elton John, and dressed in costumes with feathers, whether we like it or not.

Matthew Vaughn is not simply removed characterless movie, where there are no funny jokes and even good actors may not be able to play. He shot a promo of Bourbon Statesman from the company Old Forester, which is really located in Kentucky Bourbon, which was released in honor of the film and brought in every American supermarket. A few years of technological progress — and in the Russian version in place of the bottle, the Statesman will stick cognac “Three stars”, robot dogs will be replaced by bears, and in the scene with Elton John vmontiruet Verka Serduchka.

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 29.09.2017

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