New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 30.09.2017

First “Kingsman” has left a mixed impression, not once, by and large, nowhere — neither in Comedy nor in a spy movie or detective. Started with a single, moved to third, finished second.

A kind of “From dusk till dawn”, but here the mix of genres have done it without the idea to mix them, of course.

The second “Kingsman” is generally too much of everything.

If it is a cinematic grotesque, and it allowed too much bust, why the film has become something of a cross between “Children of spies” (for execution) and “Men in black 2” (the plot).

Almost every activity in it — whether it’s an escape, throws the infamous lasso (referred in the trailer), and, of course, fights — all brought to undue of absurdity.

I think if there is the third part of the agents will walk through walls and be sure to fly. Moreover, by themselves, without involving the spy jet backpacks.

The revival of the hero Colin Firth to me personally all seemed too far-fetched. To compete with this Cam-the buck can only be a hero Vdovichenkov (or anyone out there?), resurrected in the second “Boomer” (not mentioned lunch).

Well, it (Firth) a “new” occupation — professional fascination with the butterflies — only the lazy do not compare with the role of a hero of our enchanting film “Deja Vu”, where the main villain-killer on the grounds of amnesia was also fond of it butterflies.

By and large, this is a film without genre — or rather, a genre is defined by the empty and meaningless word “action”. That is, for two and a half (!!!) the clock on the screen where the action is, it is full of colors, but is devoid of logical linkage not only with the first film but the second.

This is getting boring, and the feeling that you keep an idiot still present.

4 out of 10

New review: Kingsman: the Golden ring 30.09.2017

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