New review: Knockdown 20.06.2017

– Tell me what you’ll do, becoming world champion?

– First of all I buy the cubes here. See, I told the kids that it will bring them the championship trophy when you get back, and they decided cubes.

In the Top 250 is quite a lot of so-called “motivational” movies. Usually this kind of movie has the role of achieving your goal, inspire, or just make you wonder. “Cinderella” is one of those.

Very good movie, but unfortunately not relevant in our time. Although, I admit, it was quite interesting to watch through this picture for life of America 30-ies. Although knowing the work of Ron Howard, there is probably much embellished and idealized. And really, felt his hand in the film.

The plot is fairly simple. The creators didn’t bother to take any intrigue, and at once opened up before the audience all the cards. Here it is the “Cinderella of the great depression”, but his second chance. But despite the simplicity, the story still winds, thus slightly confusing the viewer, and tossing him the new details. Personally, I was a little bored from the monotony of the events, but was wondering what would happen.

For all the roles selected for an actors who coped with the task perfectly. Very pleased with his play by Paul Giamatti. Really strong and interesting character. But some respect of course Russell Crowe. He so perfectly hit the way that you long to disassemble the nature of his character into components.

The film is not bad, but I find it very guileless and simpleton. There is no one term which I love such projects. Too ordinary.

6 out of 10

New review: Knockdown 20.06.2017

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