New review: knocking on heaven’s door 29.06.2017

“Knockin” is one of those movies that make you want to get up and go to finally solve their already rather poznakomivshis problems and begin to realize dreams. This is one of those films, after which look at your current life and realize: “that’s not right”. And, despite the fact that this film raises the problem of life and death, he leaves behind the oppressive state. On the contrary, gives hope, adds boldness and confidence.

That is what attracts the viewer to the screen. Easy story with a deep meaning, so often sounded, but not as otsloivshiesya in most minds. Nice music, as the accompaniment of what is happening, without compulsion and irritation. And the soundtrack, which is already looking on the Internet, after the credits again to dive into the world of viewed. Smooth transitions from episode to episode — no zadignose and oppressive experience. Beautiful story, realistic and at the same time fabulous — and so well that can not find a response in the soul. The actors, as if created in order to stir up the minds of the audience with his play, so much so that he believed that all of it is real.

Yes, it’s not the only film of its kind, a lot of them, for example, “not Yet played in a box” or” I’m dancing”. But it has some feature that makes coming back to the seen, to feel again, a sadness that replaced the smile on her face.

10 out of 10

New review: knocking on heaven’s door 29.06.2017

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