New review: Kong: skull Island 28.06.2017

Viewing the film leaves an ambiguous feeling. Like the story, for all its banality, intriguing, but I still think that the main task of the Director was not good, and completely unlike its predecessors the film is about Kong.

Hence heroes — full-bag — military man who is not ready to retire, a mad scientist with a dark past, shabby life Explorer and, of course, woman! This film must be a woman (otherwise, this is not Kong at all!), but to fit it into the story was extremely problematic, so she the photographer, at least it explains her constant presence in the team and actually in the frame.

Because of the abundance of diverse characters, character and history of each is not revealed, we learn at the beginning of the film piled up a bunch of facts about them, we do not reveal the characters, they remain empty, die and leave no doubt that the plot develops further without them.

About the Kong say almost nothing, because in the movie it is very small! As it turned out, it’s more of a minor character, but nevertheless he’s the one who organically looked in the film. Although it would be very strange if this were not so.

Overall, expectations are not justified.

4 out of 10

New review: Kong: skull Island 28.06.2017

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