New review: Kong: skull Island 30.07.2017

What will be if to increase the size of all animals, insects and birds, and people leave little snapping ants? According to the Director of Jordan Here-Roberts, empty movie with a lot of beautiful special effects.

Who would have thought, but the sequel’s new “Kong” is released three years earlier “Godzilla”, the story which you already know. Apparently, the creators have some tricky idea to create a new kynoselen populated by huge monsters. And maybe they have it when something happens. Someday, when they find a normal writer. Yet the film is limping on both legs, as if Sam Kong after several air strikes.

“Skull island” is woven from continuous conflicts. In the beginning, is an apologist for the mad theory, huge monsters and a U.S. Senator, and later Colonel Packard and weaver, which brings up the topic of war. Then Packard and Kong, Kong and ancient beings, the Viet Cong and scientists. It is a pity that any of these conflicts seems superficial and often false.

Perhaps the most “deep” of them — confrontation and pacard Kong, the culmination of which is achieved thanks to the skill of the operator. Larry’s Background often shoots first and the second with the same angles — so that you will not understand who is actually more of a monster. Incidentally, the character Samuel L. Jackson is also the most elaborate — frankly stupid Vietcong coming ahead in the dangerous jungle to avenge his people along the way, losing those who are still alive.

On the other hand, there are positive heroes is Conrad, and weaver, a personal story which revealed slightly less than nothing. Conrad is the mysterious Ranger, once a scout of Britain. It is suspected that he is pursuing personal motives, and these suspicions grain penetrates into the minds of viewers. However, it remains buried under a pile СGI effects, in fact, Conrad runs around the island, helps all needy people and sometimes even sacrifice themselves. To the Tom Hiddleston no complaints — he just plays the role that he was given neither good nor bad.

Participation Mason weaver this all still remains a mystery. It is not torn apart by internal contradictions, it is not trim any of the characters, and the attachments to anyone not experiencing. Apparently, weaver needed only to nod to the classic king Kong — the same blonde that Kong carefully hides in a giant hand in one of the episodes. A few words about brie Larson. Last year she received the “Oscar” for “Room” — and deservedly so. However, “Kong”, all her emotions seem like histrionics and exaggerated: the laughter is unnatural, fear is artificial, sympathy is too cold. So much so that the “Oscar” I would like to take back.

Of course, in a barrel of tar still has a spoonful of honey. For example, Hank Marlowe — the man who came to the island during the Second world war and lived here for nearly 28 years. It looks very authentic, funny jokes, and even has common sense, although spent away from civilization, a third of a century. But, as usual, few listen. And for good reason.

Overall, “Kong: skull Island” is a movie for the night. That is called “Hollywood chewing gum”. Here were all the makings for a great blockbuster: beautiful picture, great special effects, cool soundtrack, a stellar cast and a good legend but Jordan Here-Roberts screwed it up. Chasing the bright packaging, he completely forgot about the inner content, having decided that references to “Apocalypse now” will be enough. Will not and the audience, unlike the Director, is well aware.

5 out of 10

New review: Kong: skull Island 30.07.2017

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