New review: La La land 17.06.2017

Fresh movie about life and how it can change, if you do not be afraid to dream. A good film that energizes a dream and uplifting.

MIA (Emma stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) — strangers who share the dream. MIA wants to be an actress, and Sebastian musician. Accidental meeting of two dreamers turns of their lives.

Director Damian of Shazell took almost autobiographical picture. In which Sazell is MIA, and Justin Hurwitz (composer) — Sebastian. This bundle of Director and composer managed to remove is the second great film about themselves. (the first was “Obsession”), These people like no one else can tell you about the dream. They own example, was able to prove that everything they shoot is true.

Emma stone and Gosling look very good together and do an excellent job with his acting challenge. And Emma stone is even exceeds and she deservedly won the statuette. In “La La land” she was able to show these facets of his talent, of which we had no idea. Her role was a huge responsibility, which she successfully managed.

But the main role in the film, of course, played music. Justin Horowitz has succeeded in uttering the name of “La La land”, in the mind of the audience immediately sounded the melodious notes of the piano.

New film Chazelle of Damiana is a bright and colorful clip of what a dream. About how it changes people and how people change the dream. The picture will be of interest primarily to people of art, for those who want to see something new, those who will not discriminate against musicals.

New review: La La land 17.06.2017

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