New review: land of the Soviets. Forgotten leaders 23.06.2017

Rather it is historical reconstruction. Surprisingly never seen reviews this good work. Although since the release it’s been more than a month, well, I will be the first. Here we will talk about the great people of the Soviet era, which was built on the ruins of the Russian Empire, the future superpower and no less a great country — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Each episode tells (except for Beria, he has devoted 2 series) about the key leaders and military leaders from 1917 to 1953. In life they were feared, respected, appreciated, but after much has been undeservedly forgotten, and their names was just General hatred. A little bit about these people:

1. Lavrenti Beria — the all-powerful head of the secret police for some considerable time and the abuser is perhaps all that is known about this man for most people. But you will be surprised to know that if not for this “rapist” — one of us would not exist. In two series more about this tell. And what was done to his memory is a crime against the state. I previously thought that Beria much slander, and it was suspicion was confirmed.

2. Felix Dzerzhinsky — Chairman of the all-Russian Extraordinary Commission, “Iron Felix”, “Knight of the Revolution” — all true, but not all. Here it is disclosed and how the common man. Brought a lot of memories, documents testifying to this.

3. Semyon Budenny — commander of the First Cavalry Army, Civil war hero, “the dashing swordsman” — there was also a lot said, and even unexpected.

4. Andrei Zhdanov, chief ideologue of the Soviet state, the closest ally of Stalin, head of Leningrad during the great Patriotic War — he was a very controversial figure, but do not recognize his nezauryadnoi would be stupid. For me the personality Zhdanov was just opening, I learnt lots of new.

5. Kliment Voroshilov — Marshal of the Soviet Union, friend and ally of Stalin, the bravest person. It is less odious figure of all, but not less interesting. Given the new facts about his life and activities.

6. Vyacheslav Molotov — foreign Minister of the Soviet Union, friend and ally of Stalin. Great diplomat great country. It was thanks to his efforts saved millions of lives here and around the world. Proud of this man, although another side of his activities was paid attention to.

7. Viktor Abakumov, head of the legendary “SMERSH”, largely thanks to his efforts we won the great Patriotic war. Competent leader and competent specialist in their field, and all this at a fairly young age.

These people we can rightly be proud of. Unfortunately they are almost forgotten, the success of the downtrodden, and the memory is distorted, the “liberals” and other traitors of our country. Most affected Beria and Abakumov. Thanks to the creators for an honest and objective view of our shared history (Russia — Ukraine). High-quality computer graphics and plenty of historical documents to Supplement and explain the motives of these people. Perfectly matched the music, although part of it is taken from the early projects of the Studio, but it’s good. Only one negative is some historical inaccuracies, it is because of them I reduced one point.

9 out of 10

New review: land of the Soviets. Forgotten leaders 23.06.2017

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