New review: Late phases 27.07.2017

Argentine Director Adrian Garcia Boliano after his brilliant debut “Room for tourists” fell into a catatonic state and was removed without any primitive style horror, only a shame the title of the Spanish horrormeister, which proudly wears a more professional Chawama, Balaguero. But as time went on, Bolano growing number of fans, he grew up and inevitably began to think about why it is necessary to make a movie. Perhaps, for us to become better, kinder to each other, I realized the obvious. After all, morality and the horror doesn’t necessarily have to be the opposite.

10 years after the masterpiece style “Rooms for tourists”, Bolano takes a masterpiece of content, a film that clearly does not fit into the tradition of horror movies about monsters. The Director tries to avoid the abundance of scenes of horror, and eared climactic only occasionally reminds you of its existence.

So what is this movie? The answer is simple — of old age. This is indicated by the name, which is quite in vain to associate with the full moon. The film, Bolano thematic successor to the Silver bullet, they are even similar in many ways. Here and there the main character is disabled, both films are very stingy in scenes of horror and more pay attention to the characters. The elderly, children! After all, every old man was once a child. And Marty could grow in Ambrose, had he been born a little earlier. You can say more than a werewolf film, Bolano also looking for an excuse, like the villain “Silver bullet”. He sees their misdeeds manifestation of goodness, while the main character is a true act of goodness thinking of the deliverance of the village, home to only the elderly, from the cruel beast.

Ambrose unsociable person with difficult character, who has retreated into himself because of illness and can not find understanding with my son. He’s old, all his victories in the past, and now he sees no meaning in his life. Ambrose is more attached to a guide dog than to his own child and is very sympathetic to her death (spectacular scene of the fight the werewolf and the dog instantly brings to mind “moon”). The only person he can talk heart to heart, is an old priest (in his role as the colorful Tom Noonan, the best performer of Francis Dollarhyde). He tells Ambrose that his life in his own hands and the time to do his own soul. Yes, he was killed, even children. The war had made him a monster, like another person turns into a monster moon. “I went to Vietnam to save lives, but later realized that I should kill.”

And here in his later years Ambrose had a chance to beat his fate and at least die human. And he decides to give the last battle of the long-eared invaders, who turned the town into your dining room. He saves the lives of those who are condemned to death and sent to this city his family to die. And very important, by the way, that Bolano presented recorded on the answering machine touching monologue Ambrose, writing to his son after the final battle, the last one for all its participants.

The message of Bolano simple, but very important — we need to appreciate their loved ones and their own lives, because everyone needs something. Old age is not a sentence, because the stubborn and grouchy for something amiss. Never too late to change, because it affects how you will remember the people..

“Late phase” — the best job adriana Garcia Boliano, which gradually impresses with its quiet humanity, without false pathos and recitations. And gladly forgive a lot of useless, weak horror flick, which filmed the enterprising Director. After all, he did at least two decent paintings, and, therefore, not in vain was engaged in the movie.

8 out of 10

New review: Late phases 27.07.2017

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