New review: LEGO Ninjago Movie 02.10.2017

Yes, I think so. Another animated feature based on the series of designers “LEGO” came out, in my subjective opinion, pretty good, though clearly weaker than the previous two projects. “The LEGO Ninjago Movie”, like its predecessors — it’s such a fun and crazy animated blockbuster. This time the action will unfold around the fictional city of Ninjago. The main villain of the film, Garmadon, constantly attacking the city, but is unable to capture. However. in the end, it’s manageable. And to confront the villain needs a team of ninja led by Green ninja aka Lloyd, the son of the main villain. To help save the city only super weapon that the team have to find.

As with past projects, “Ninjago” is built on banter, references and, most importantly, parody. And the parody of it on several popular projects. As for the main conflict of the cartoon — trouble with the father and the children — that is, as can be easily understood, a parody of the well-known “Star wars”. However, here the main character, Lloyd, knows who his father is. But Garmadon has no idea that his greatest enemy is his son. It’s like Star wars, but just the opposite. There’s even a scene where the Green ninja says, who is he and Garmadon, excuse me, in other words not picked up, ofigevayu from occurring. Brand skayuokera “No”, though, no, but the banter is still counted. Also in the cartoon at some point Lloyd loses his hand. Again, the reference to the “Star wars” in which the limb has lost not one character, including the main. It was fun to watch in a similar vein.

Also in this cartoon there is a parody on almost all films dealing with martial arts, ninjas and so on. Yes, the same “Kung fu Panda” it is possible to cite as an example. Not spared, “Transformers”, “Godzilla” and even “Pacific rim”. Shows all the events very comical and never taken seriously.

Everything I have described happened, of course, I refer to the qualities of the picture.

Also pleased with the beginning and the end, the moments with live actors. To see Jackie Chan was, oddly enough, quite pleasant. It is a pity that failed to hear his voice. And he’s voiced by Sensei Wu, is also one of the important characters. A sort of clichéd wise master teacher.

And very good was the soundtrack.

In General, “LEGO Ninjago” is good fun, simply fun and funny cartoon. To go with the whole family and have fun. In the cartoon there are jokes that can be understood only by being a little bit older. Overall, I liked it. How beat the main conflict, how it all demonstrated. However, one should note that “Ninjago” is weaker than “the LEGO Movie”. But it is in any case does not make it bad.

7 out of 10

New review: LEGO Ninjago Movie 02.10.2017

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